Weekly Focus: Highly Suspect, Day Five

This is my favorite song at the moment ❤

Highly Suspect — “My Name is Human,” from the album The Boy Who Died Wolf (2016).


Home Tonight, So Here’s An Update

My mom and I spent the majority of the day at the nursing home with my grandmother. There has been no change, except her blood pressure has dropped slightly (no cause for concern, according to Hospice) and they are now having to suction out her throat and esophagus at least two or three times a day. So, please continue praying/sending us positive thoughts, if you would.

In other news, it’s October — my favorite time of the year! (I know we’re already 13 days in, but I’ve been distracted.) I have no idea what I’m going to be for Halloween. I’m leaning toward a variation on Harley Quinn, the girl on the cover of Mindless Self Indulgence’s Frankenstein Girls Will Seem Strangely Sexy, or Tim Sköld. I haven’t had the chance to indulge in many horror movies so far; however, my best friend and I have binge-watched “Light as a Feather” on Hulu.

Other highlights of October: it’s finally below 1000 degrees here in Alabama, and my favorite college football team, the Alabama Crimson Tide, is undefeated. Oh, and Alter Bridge is playing a show within two hours of me on the 17th.

Given that this is a music blog, I guess I should mention something about music, huh? Ha! Okay. Here are a few upcoming releases:

  • Super Junior – Time Slip (10/14)
  • Shane Eagle – Dark Moon Flower (10/15)
  • Alex Vargas – EGO (10/18)
  • Alter Bridge – Walk the Sky (10/18)
  • Cody Jinks – The Wanting (10/18)
  • HXXS – Year of the Witch (10/18)
  • Jimmy Eat World – Surviving (10/18)
  • The Lacs – Rise and Shine (10/18)
  • Third Eye Blind – Screamer (10/18)
  • Cigarettes After Sex – Cry (10/25)
  • Fit For An Autopsy – The Sea of Tragic Beasts (10/25)
  • Jinjer – Macro (10/25)
  • Night Flowers – Fortune Teller (10/25)
  • Norma Jean – All Hail (10/25)
  • PVRIS – Hallucinations EP (10/25)
  • Scarlett Rose – Welcome to Wonderland (10/31)

I’m trying to schedule some posts in my free time so that my blog isn’t lacking content for consecutive days, or even a full week. I hope to resume the playlist challenge and choose a featured band on the 21st.

My Lack of Posts

I didn’t share a new music post on Sunday; there have been no updates to the playlist challenge and no featured band or album of the week. I’m pretty sure there won’t be any posts next week, either. I apologize to the followers who actually pay attention, but everything kinda went to hell recently.

My grandmother has been sick and in the nursing home for a while. She was diagnosed with COPD and congestive heart failure years ago. Otherwise, though, she was healthy.

She has had stomach issues her entire life, and for the last couple of years she’s been in and out of the hospital, complaining of nausea and pain. Well, last week she was once again in the hospital for those symptoms. Her doctor told her that there was nothing else he could do unless she allowed them to do an endoscopy and actually figure out why she had those symptoms. She refused the procedure. My mom asked her why and my grandmother said she didn’t want to know. If it was serious, she felt like they couldn’t help her anyway. (Bear in mind, she’s 89.)

My mom and I both talked to her last Wednesday, right after she was released from the hospital and sent back to the nursing home. The very next day, my great aunt called and told us that she was dying.

She is in the final stages of COPD and congestive heart failure. Her lungs are filled with fluid. She is no longer responsive, though that could be because they are keeping her dosed with morphine for the pain. She has a DNR in place, so basically they can do nothing but make sure she’s comfortable.

I ask that anyone who reads this send up a prayer, positive thoughts, or whatever it is you do. This is a very difficult time, especially for my mom, and we need all the comfort we can get.

Thank you.

Playlist Challenge, Day 783

Whitesnake — “Is This Love”

Weekly Focus: Oomph!, Day Seven

Oomph! — “My Darkest Cave,” from the album Ego (2001).

Weekly Focus: Oomph!, Day Six

Oomph! — “Hunger,” from the album Plastik (1999).

Weekly Focus: Oomph!, Day Five

Oomph! — “Zero Endorphine,” from the album Unrein (1998).

Playlist Challenge, Day 780

Orgy — “Fiction (Dreams in Digital)”

Weekly Focus: Oomph!, Day Four

Oomph! — “Mind Over Matter,” from the album Wunschkind (1996).