Okay, it may not look like much to you, but to us in Alabama, six to eight inches is like the Snowpocalypse. It started around 1:30 p.m. and didn’t stop until after midnight. What made it really fun was the fact that the next day, the temperature rose to 41 degrees and everything started melting…then the temperature dropped into the 20s and all that crap froze.

But wait!

By the end of the weekend, the high will possibly be in the upper 50s, maybe even 60. Gotta love Alabama weather.

Melia's Stuff 305

Taken around 8:45 p.m.

Melia's Stuff 313

Our porch steps at 9:30 p.m.

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Song of the Week: “Tourniquet”

So after hearing that Marilyn Manson is coming to town in April, I just had to honor them in a Song of the Week post. I have been waiting 15 years to see this band; needless to say, I am practically dying from excitement!

This has always been one of my favorites from them. In fact, I’m fairly positive this was the first song I fell in love with…even before “The Beautiful People.” ❤

Marilyn Manson – “Tourniquet,” from the album Antichrist Superstar (1996).

Song(s) of the Week: “Parabol” & “Parabola”

I dedicate this post to my brother, who is one of the biggest Tool fans I know. I myself am not overly crazy about them, but I do love these two tracks. I get chills every single time I hear either one or the combination of both.

Tool — “Parabol” and “Parabola,” from the album Lateralus (2001).

God I Love These Nights

This past Friday, Jesse and I went to see Almost Kings in Birmingham. It was a truly epic evening. I had not seen the band or my friends that were there in five months, and believe me when I say it was quite a reunion! 🙂 I had missed all of those sweet faces so much! ❤

Almost Kings opened their set with a new song…which is cool, except now I’m dying for the new album…and from the word “Go,” all four of them gave 110%. In case I haven’t mentioned it lately, Almost Kings are some of the best performers out there. It’s not possible to be bored during their shows–or afterward, when hanging out with them. I can’t wait to do it again in March.

In closing, I have to add that it made my night being able to play part of Mark Tremonti’s solo album All I Was for Ryan. Is that lame? Maybe. I don’t care, though. Sharing music with someone is the best.

And, of course, here are some pictures from the evening:


Me, Jesse, Kendra, and Alicia


Jesse ❤

Me, Kevin, and Jesse

Kevin, Me, and Jesse


Jude and Ryan




Ryan again…



Melia's Stuff 285

Danny, Kevin, and Ryan

Melia's Stuff 287


Melia's Stuff 295


Melia's Stuff 297


Melia's Stuff 298

This was our “serious” pose

Melia's Stuff 299

“Awkward prom dance”

Melia's Stuff 303









Song of the Week: “Moth”

Everything about this song is perfect, and I could listen to it on repeat all day, but what really sells it for me are these lyrics:

“The ruler of the kingdom that ends up the pawn,
So tired of thinking of where it all went wrong,
Friendships they come and go and sometimes they end,
Wouldn’t dream in a million years that this would be one of them.
Faith in the life, belief to the end,
Failure’s not an option, but the options exist,
I gave up my everything, I give till I bleed,
Take it all, take everything just take it from me.”

HellYeah — “Moth,” from the album Blood for Blood (2014).

Song of the Week: “Leave It Alone”

Legitimately, I should just do an “Album of the Week” instead, because I would highly recommend that everyone listen to All I Was from beginning to end. I borrowed it from my brother and it hasn’t left my CD player in a week. He’s not getting it back until I have my own copy (currently on its way to my house, thanks to

However, I will stick to the “Song of the Week” thing and give y’all my favorite track

Mark Tremonti — “Leave It Alone,” from the album All I Was (2012).