Music & Family

Music & Family

Music has always been a big thing in my family. Ever since I can remember, we’ve been going to shows together. I know for a fact that my parents took me to shows while I was still in a stroller, and I can clearly remember seeing Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers for the first time…when I was six.

For years, my brother and I tagged along with Mom and Dad, watching classic rock acts of which they were fans. Now, however, we are much older and we have begun carrying our parents to shows. Well, our mom, at any rate. Dad isn’t very sociable anymore.

I am a huge fan of local acts, as everyone who follows this blog has surely realized. I hang out at shows so much that I’m recognized by bands, staff at the venues, etc. I made it my mission to introduce my mom to that world (she didn’t frequent the local scene when she was younger). I was most insistent that she attend a Lynam show with me, for they are the band that I am closest to. She has now seen them four or five times, and she adores vocalist/guitarist Jacob Bunton almost as much as I do.

Anyway, a little over a week ago, she and I hit a Lynam show. My brother joined us after work. I had the best time with two of my family members there. Jacob even gave my mom a shout-out from the stage.

And now, pictures!

Mom, Jacob, and me

David Lynam and me
Framing the Red
Song of the Week: “The Nameless”

Song of the Week: “The Nameless”

Definitely one of my favorite Slipknot songs. ❤

Slipknot — “The Nameless,” from the album Vol. 3: (The Subliminal Verses) (2004).

Song of the Week: “Country Band Man”

Song of the Week: “Country Band Man”

I saw this band for the first time on Saturday and it was instantaneous love! They put on a great show. Even more importantly, they are extremely talented musicians. I could be biased because they hail from the South–ha!–but seriously, y’all should listen to this song, love it (because you will), then go stalk their YouTube channel for more! 🙂

Framing the Red — “Country Band Man,” from the album Welcome to the Show (2012).

Alabama Shakes premiere new song “Future People” — listen

Alabama Shakes premiere new song “Future People” — listen

Consequence of Sound

Earlier this month, Alabama Shakes made their triumphant return to the Late Show in support of their forthcoming album, Sound & Color. Now, the roots rockers have let loose a new song off the LP called “Future People”.

Deliciously funky from start to finish, it’s bolstered by thunderous bass and the soulful grit of lead vocalist and guitarist Brittany Howard. Listen in below.

Sound & Color hits shelves on April 21st through ATO Records. For more of the album, check out lead single “Don’t Wanna Fight”. The band’s also scheduled to tour the US this spring.

Sound & Color Tracklist:
01. Sound and Color
02. Don’t Wanna Fight
03. Dunes
04. Future People
05. Gimme All Your Love
06. This Feeling
07. Guess Who
08. The Greatest
09. Shoegaze
10. Miss You
11. Gemini
12. Over My Head

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These Self-Proclaimed Princes

These Self-Proclaimed Princes

Last Thursday, I went to see Almost Kings in Madison. Insert everything I’ve ever said about them into this post and you will be able to almost imagine how epic my night was.

I will never get over this band. I’m impressed by the fact that these four men give 200% at every show, both on and off the stage. They are the kindest, most wonderful and talented people, and I hope they know how much happiness they have brought to my life. Seriously, I can’t say it enough: if you ever have a chance to see them, take it! You won’t regret it!

Melia's Stuff 326
Ryan and Danny

Melia's Stuff 329

Melia's Stuff 324

Melia's Stuff 332

Melia's Stuff 335
Melia's Stuff 343
Jude and Boze
Melia's Stuff 342

Melia's Stuff 340 Melia's Stuff 341

Song of the Week: “Falls Apart”

Song of the Week: “Falls Apart”

Hurt — “Falls Apart,” from the album Volume One (2006).

Song of the Week: “Bounce”

Song of the Week: “Bounce”

Since I’m going to see them tomorrow, I decided to honor Almost Kings in this post. Although, actually, I don’t need an excuse to honor them…I love them so much that their songs are pretty much always a top pick ❤

Almost Kings — “Bounce,” from the album Filthy Nice (2009).