Throwback Thursday: “Just Got Paid”

Today, I was visited with a strong urge to revisit my “boy band” days. So without any hesitation, I dug out my copy of No Strings Attached, cranked it up, and sang along shamelessly! And that’s why NSYNC’s “Just Got Paid” is this week’s throwback track. 🙂

Just Pictures

I’m not a photographer by any means, but I do love my camera! I simply felt like sharing some things that make my life what it is…and a couple of random selfies.

Just playing around with makeup and hair extensions. 🙂


The latest in my collection of Almost Kings merchandise.


Did you know you can make an egg stand on its rounded end during the equinox???




Ivy ❤


Swinging with Ivy




Mother’s Day ❤


Walking around Sparkman Park


New outfit and new hair



This Made My Heart Happy

So yeah, this is a bit random, but I totally just had a moment when I checked my email. I posted the pictures of me with Mark Tremonti and Eric Friedman to Twitter…and both men replied to my tweets!!!!!



I know Mark is actually responsible for his own account, and I figure Eric is too, which makes this even better, of course.

Just wanted to share my happiness with y’all. 🙂 I hope if you’re reading this that you are having an equally wonderful day!

Song of the Week: “Dangerous”

I heard this song on Sirius Octane and missed the artist when (if) they told it, so I was really surprised at the Tremonti/Black Stone Cherry show to hear the opening act playing something I knew. Lol. These guys are really, really good. Heavy with just the right amount of random bluesy guitar, they are definitely a band you should check out!

Shaman’s Harvest — “Dangerous,” from the album Smokin’ Hearts & Broken Guns (2014).