More New Music!!!!!!!

I was hit with all kinds of good news last week. Almost Kings will be releasing their new album, The Re-Introduction, in mid-September. Then, one of my friends sent me this:


I’ve been eagerly awaiting more stuff from Lynam since listening to a few songs that David had on his phone back in, like, December or something. Needless to say, I am very very excited about the next two months!

Oh, and here’s the latest video from Almost Kings. The track is titled “Still Fucked Up.”

New Music from Almost Kings!

A few months ago, Almost Kings bassist Danny Helms let me listen to “Never Gonna Happen” on his phone. My interest was piqued immediately because it’s them but…different. It made me very excited for the upcoming album (and I will undoubtedly be posting a review the instant it hits my hands).

They have now released a video for the song. Please check it out and give them some feedback! 🙂

Happy Birthday to Me!

No, today is not my birthday. Monday was, but I wasn’t anywhere near a computer so I couldn’t blog about my absolutely amazing weekend!!!!!

Friday night, we went to see Jude Buckingham and Almost Kings. The performances were epic, as always, and Boze pulled me onstage during “Five Foot Hurricane.” Almost Kings did a few new songs (and premiered one over the club’s PA before their set) and let me just say that I already know I’m going to love the album. I didn’t get my usual post-show time with the guys because I had apparently partied a little too hard during…

Anyway, the following night, my friends threw me a little party at their house. We had breakfast for dinner–lemon poppy seed waffles, red velvet waffles, bacon, blackberry sauce, a tropical fruit compote, ham rolls, and a drink that consisted of watermelon and Malibu rum. My parents ate with us and stayed long enough to check out my gifts, then they went home and the rest of us watched lame horror movies until bedtime.

It was truly a fantastic weekend, filled with most of my favorite people, music, laughter, and love. I couldn’t have wished for a better celebration. 🙂

Photos from Friday


Tiffany fixing my hair before the show


The bestie always sends me out looking great 🙂


Ryan ❤









My Minion keychain, meant to make me feel better in the aftermath of celebration

Photos from Saturday


Ready for the party


The setup


Bacon, red velvet waffle with cream cheese icing, and a lemon poppy seed waffle with blackberry sauce


My new Minion lunchbox


My friends love to say I’m going to be a crazy cat lady…


My dad fixing Ivy’s hair. I love this picture ❤

Song of the Week: “Send My Love to the Dance Floor, I’ll See You in Hell”

Still my favorite Cobra Starship song ❤

Cobra Starship — “Send My Love to the Dance Floor, I’ll See You in Hell (Hey, Mister DJ),” from the album While the City Sleeps, We Rule the Streets (2006).