Album of the Week: Hollywood Undead’s Swan Songs

I remember seeing Hollywood Undead in 2011 and, to be honest, I was surprised by how much I enjoyed the show. I already owned a copy of Swan Songs, but after that night, I started listening to it a lot more.


Bands You Should Know: Stealing Eden

Stealing Eden was another of my Twitter discoveries. I believe they followed me first. I followed back, then they had a contest of sorts on Instagram, so I began following them there as well.

Any band that I come across on Twitter or IG, I give a chance. It took me a bit to get around to listening to Stealing Eden, and I regret that because they are really great. A mix of Breaking Benjamin and Daughtry, the vocals are melodic while the lyrics are meaningful and the music itself leans more towards hard rock.

Don’t take my word for it, though. Check Stealing Eden out for yourself. Here are my three favorite tracks.

All I Need

In Your Eyes

No One Else




Concert Review: Alter Bridge at The Tabernacle (Jan. 22, 2017)

Alter Bridge’s The Last Hero tour made a stop in Atlanta, Georgia, this past Sunday. Coincidentally, this was the same night as the NFC Championship game. The Atlanta Falcons rose up in the Georgia Dome; Alter Bridge brought down The Tabernacle.

With an audience that consisted of many exhilarated Falcons fans, the atmosphere was electric. Monster Truck, who opened for Alter Bridge the last time they played The Tabernacle, was definitely on point. Energetic and insanely talented, these Canada natives set the bar high. They exited the stage and the room was literally buzzing with adrenaline and excitement.

When the lights dimmed, the roar of the crowd was astounding. Tension mounted with each passing second and then, Alter Bridge stepped into view: vocalist/guitarist Myles Kennedy, drummer Scott Phillips, bassist Brian Marshall, and guitarist Mark Tremonti. Before the noise had even begun to die down, the band ripped into the second track from The Last Hero, “Writing on the Wall.”

Each song was met with enthusiasm from a mass of fans who clearly adored Alter Bridge. The setlist included such songs as “Come to Life,” “Addicted to Pain,” “Blackbird,” and “Isolation.” They played my personal favorites, “Waters Rising” and “Watch Over You.” As an added bonus, they performed “The Last Hero” for the first time stateside.

The set ended with “Open Your Eyes” and the accompanying sing-along. This was followed by a marriage proposal (she said yes), and after congratulating the happy couple, Myles picked out the intro to “Show Me a Leader.” The final song of the evening was none other than “Rise Today.”

I have now seen Alter Bridge four times, and I can honestly say they get better with each show. Maybe it was the fans sharing the experience with me, maybe it was the fact that the music was so wonderful and my heart was filled with total joy, but this was one of the best concerts I’ve ever attended.

Of course, I close this review with my own personal story from the show. My brother and I once again circled the venue and waited by the buses. I can’t explain it; however, I knew this was the night I would finally meet Myles Kennedy.

And I did.

Myles was the first member of Alter Bridge to emerge from The Tabernacle. He came straight over to where I was standing, signed the band itinerary a security guard had given me, and posed for a picture. He hugged me and thanked us for being there before moving away to talk to the others gathered around us.

Mark was the next one out. I introduced myself this time, which made him chuckle. We then spoke to Brian and last, but certainly not least, Scott (who brought up college football in response to my Alabama Crimson Tide jacket).

I cannot stress enough how exceptional these four men are. Not only are they brilliant musicians, they are kind and sweet and appreciate their fans. I will never stop encouraging others to listen to them and, if possible, to go to an Alter Bridge concert. There is no way you will be disappointed.

Here are two of my favorite pictures from the night. The rest can be found HERE.


Okay, I’m not doing any of the usual weekly or daily things this week, mostly because I was too busy to pick an album/artist of the week. Lol.

So what do my readers have to look forward to? Well, I saw Alter Bridge last night in Atlanta. Expect a review of that, and my fan-girl recollection of finally meeting Myles Kennedy. Also, I will be posting at least three “Bands You Should Know” blogs (featuring Stealing Eden, 3 Pill Morning, and Stonefeather).

There may be other things to come, I’m not sure yet. Next week I will return to my regular posts. Hopefully. Work has suddenly gotten hectic.

Thank you to everyone who follows my blog! ❤

Weekly Focus: Blaqk Audio, Day Five

I got this one posted a little late. Oops!

Blaqk Audio — “Ill-Lit Ships,” from the album Bright Black Heaven (2012).