Playlist Challenge, Day 59

Everything about this song is perfect. If you can listen to this and still not recognize how ridiculously talented Alter Bridge is, that is very sad indeed.

Alter Bridge — “Blackbird”

Playlist Challenge, Day 58

Look, I’m not a huge fan of rap music, but when my friends and I used to play Mortal Kombat, we would always sing this song when someone chose Cyrax or Scorpion. Lol. Yeah, we’re nerds.

Wiz Khalifa — “Black and Yellow”

Let’s Talk Covers (Pt. 15)

1. Leo Moracchioli: “Feel Good Inc.” (Gorillaz cover)

2. Halestorm: “Still of the Night” (Whitesnake cover)

3. AFI: “Ziggy Stardust” (David Bowie cover)