Weekly Focus: Amerakin Overdose, Day Four

Amerakin Overdose — “Love Hate Lullaby,” from the self-titled debut album (2012).

Birthday Blog: Dirty Thirty

Okay, so my birthday was over two weeks ago. I debated whether or not to even post a blog, since I didn’t have a big extravagant celebration with a band. But then I thought to myself: “This year was better — in a way.”

On my actual birthday, I went to my best friends’ house. Tiffany, who is like a sister to me, fixed me breakfast for dinner. (She makes the best pancakes in the world.) She and her husband, Jerimy, gave me a Ghost tee-shirt, which I quickly changed into before settling back to watch that night’s episode of “Big Brother.”

The next day, I had the joy of seeing my Jesse. She lives in Georgia, and she left work that afternoon and drove straight to my house. My mom fed us tacos, then we watched movies until we fell asleep (The Houses October Built and Anna, for anyone wondering).

Jesse and I had adventures in Huntsville on Saturday, followed by Chinese food and ending our night at Tiffany and Jerimy’s. I was super stoked that three of my best friends were finally meeting, and they got along quite well. We sat outside, talking and catching sight of the occasional meteor from the shower taking place.

Sunday, Jesse and I literally did nothing except indulge in more movies and have a long conversation with my mom.

It may sound like a boring weekend, but for me, it was the perfect way to ring in my 30th year in this world. I missed my brother, and Heather and Chanin…and yes, it was weird not seeing Almost Kings. However, I had music, movies, three of my favorite people, my parents, and delicious food. What else does a girl really need?

Check out my fabulous gifts! The Marilyn Manson sweater was from my parents, the MM necklace was a present to myself, the Ghost shirt was from Tiff and Jerimy, and the other three items were from Jesse ❤


Weekly Focus: Amerakin Overdose, Day Three

Amerakin Overdose — “Black and White,” from the self-titled debut album (2012).

Playlist Challenge, Day 120

Deadsy — “The Key to Gramercy Park”

Weekly Focus: Amerakin Overdose, Day Two

Amerakin Overdose — “Falling,” from the self-titled debut album (2012).

Album of the Week: Amerakin Overdose’s The Great Amerakin Dream…

The more I listen to Amerakin Overdose, the more I love them. The Great Amerakin Dream… is their most recent release.



Weekly Focus: Amerakin Overdose, Day One

Amerakin Overdose — “Trance Dance Motion,” from the self-titled debut album (2012).