July 2018 Album Releases (Week Three)

— 7/16 —

-MAMAMOO: Red Moon

— 7/18 —

-Maxwell Young: Daydreamer

-Triple H: REtro Futurism

— 7/19 —

-Chungha: Blooming Blue

-GFRIEND: Sunny Summer

-Johnny Rain: Idol Blue

— 7/20 —

-Andy Brown: Cedarmont

-Buddy: Harlan & Alondra

-Dave East: Karma 2

-Dead Lakes: Nothing is Sacred

-Emily Burns: Seven Scenes From the Same Summer

-Lori McKenna: The Tree

-Nef the Pharaoh: The Big Chang Theory

-Ovlov: Tru

-Punch Brothers: All Ashore

-The Internet: Hive Mind

-Trash Boat: Crown Shyness

-While She Sleeps: You Are We

-White Ring: Gate of Grief

-Wild Pink: Yolk in the Fur

-Forma: Semblance

-Skeletonwitch: Devouring Radiant Light

-Rick Astley: Beautiful Life

-Dentist: Night Swimming

-Enchant: A Blueprint of the World

-Hot Buttered Rum: Lonesome Panoramic

-Mutilation Rites: Chasm

-Negative Scanner: Nose Picker

-Scars on Broadway: Dictator

-Soul Asylum: Made To Be Broken (Reissue)

-Soul Asylum: Say What You Will… Everything Can Happen (Reissue)


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