New Music + Forgive My Absence

I’m actually going to start with the second half of my title. I haven’t posted in almost four months. Things have been really hectic since the start of Covid-19, as all of you know. In my case, I got a new job right as everything was shutting down. Lucky, right? I’ve been working a lot and the hours have been fairly steady, but the shifts aren’t very consistent. I’m tired more often than not, and I don’t do much on my days off. I guess this site just fell to the wayside. I would love to say that I’m back; however, I can’t promise that at the moment.

Now, for the important part of this post: NEW MUSIC!

Today, I woke up to a couple of songs from artists I adore (and have mentioned here frequently) — Third Realm and Aesthetic Perfection. The first is a collaboration between Vizion X and Third Realm, entitled “Joker,” while the second is Aesthetic Perfection’s ode to spooky season: a cover of “Pet Sematary,” originally by the Ramones. I will post the videos below.

I also wanted to take this opportunity to tell y’all about the new EP from my favorite Canadian duo, Strvngers. They have used their time in lockdown to record and the result is an EP that will drop December 15th. For a taste of what’s coming, keep an eye out for the first single/video, “Vita Brevis,” which will be released October 9th. And of course I will share it on my blog!

I hope this entry finds all of you well! Happy first day of Halloween! 🖤🧡

Playlist Challenge, Day 809

Aesthetic Perfection ft. Richard Z. Kruspe — “Gods & Gold”

Playlist Challenge, Day 443

Aesthetic Perfection — “The Ones”

5 Bands/Artists You Should Be Following (#8)

1. Aesthetic Perfection

Industrial pop from California. For fans of Combichrist, Sköld, Grendel, etc. Aesthetic Perfection just released their most recent EP, Ebb and Flow, in February. Below are the title track and my personal favorite AP song, “A Quiet Anthem” from 2008’s A Violent Emotion.


2. Of Empires

Rock outta the UK. For fans of The Doors, Joy Division, and Queens of the Stone Age. Of Empires is a unique blend of classic, psychedelic, and blues rock. Check out “Susie” on Spotify, then watch the video for “Baby Darlin’ Sugar.”


3. Blue Helix

A rock/grunge band whose members hail from both Washington and Brazil. For fans of Soundgarden, Tool, Fuel, etc. Listen to their latest single, “Antisocial Butterfly.”


4. Death Valley High

Death disco/goth rock from California. For fans of Bauhaus, Samhain, Crosses, etc. Death Valley High incorporates cinematic elements, along with new wave and dance, for music that is both fun and catchy. My favorite song is “Multiply.”

And here’s their most recent video, “Play Dead.”


5. Super bob

A blend of rock, hip-hop, and electronic music from Washington DC. For fans of Linkin Park, Limp Bizkit, Skrillex, etc. Super bob is one of the most entertaining bands you will ever see live. Their energy is infectious. Here is the title track from their last album, Killer.

And 2017’s “Great Big World.”


Playlist Challenge, Day 342

Aesthetic Perfection — “Love Like Lies”