Album of the Week: Oomph’s GlaubeLiebeTod

Album of the Week: Terminal Choice’s Übermacht

My introduction to Chris Pohl was through BlutEngel, but I am the type of fan who always listens to other projects from my favorite artists. Therefore, I went back and checked out Terminal Choice. I personally prefer BlutEngel; however, I can certainly see why so many people want Terminal Choice to reunite.

I chose 2010’s Übermacht as my album of the week mostly due to “Keine Macht,” but I also love “Bad Trippin'” and “Bitch Like You.”

Album of the Week: Massive Ego’s Beautiful Suicide

I just discovered Massive Ego, thanks to YouTube’s related videos list. I chose 2017’s Beautiful Suicide as album of the week because it includes the first song I ever heard by the band — “I Idolize You” — as well as my favorite Massive Ego track, “For the Blood in Your Veins,” which features Chris Pohl.

Album of the Week: BlutEngel’s Tränenherz

Album of the Week: Mariah Carey’s Butterfly

My brother was the bigger Mariah Carey fan, but I have to say I listened to 1997’s Butterfly a lot. My favorite tracks were “Honey,” “My All,” and “Breakdown.”

Album of the Week: Danny Worsnop’s Shades of Blue

I was not a huge Asking Alexandria fan until the self-titled album, released in 2017 — in fact, I rather detested them after seeing them open for Avenged Sevenfold in 2011. Therefore, I totally missed Danny’s first solo album. But when I was doing one of my new music posts, I stumbled across the video for “Best Bad Habit,” and I really dug the song, so I decided to give Shades of Blue a shot. This album is really good. I highly recommend it.

Album of the Week: Julien-K’s Death to Analog

I remember my best friend having a few Julien-K tracks on her computer years ago, but it was only recently that I heard “Systeme de Sexe” — and that was what made me choose 2009’s Death to Analog as album of the week.