Album of the Week: The Mayfield Four’s Second Skin

Before Alter Bridge, Myles Kennedy was in a band called The Mayfield Four. I checked them out because I love all things Myles. My favorite song is “Sick and Wrong,” which comes from 2001’s Second Skin — my album of the week.


Album of the Week — Death Valley High: Doom, in Full Bloom

I discovered Death Valley High via Instagram and decided to feature them in an installment of “5 Bands/Artists You Should Be Following.” As I listened to as many songs as I could find, I fell in love with “Multiply” from Doom, in Full Bloom. And so, here it is, my album of the week.

Album of the Week: Crashdïet’s Generation Wild

I stumbled across Crashdïet when I was researching Tobias Forge (Ghost). The first songs I listened to were from Generation Wild, so I’ve chosen it as album of the week.

Album of the Week: Marilyn Manson’s Eat Me, Drink Me

Despite the fact that Tim Sköld is on this album, Eat Me, Drink Me is one of my less favored Marilyn Manson records. Perhaps it is because Sköld handles bass and guitar, John 5 having made his exit by this point, but I found the album to be lacking musically. That is not to say it’s bad; it just falls short of its predecessors.

Still, it’s Marilyn Manson and has its moments, so I have made Eat Me, Drink Me my album of the week.

Album of the Week: Paramore’s Riot!

Just thinking about “Misery Business” gives me flashbacks. Riot! was the soundtrack to a lot of good times in college.

Album of the Week: Evestus’s No God (EP)

I discovered Evestus when I began doing my “5 Bands/Artists You Should Be Following.” As a fan of Marilyn Manson, Nine Inch Nails, etc., I thought Evestus seemed right up my alley.

I was right.

I have chosen 2012’s No God EP as my album of the week. Go. Listen. Love.

Album of the Week: Mötley Crüe’s Decade of Decadence, 81-91

Simply because it has my favorite Crüe song, “Primal Scream,” on it ❤

Album of the Week: Asking Alexandria’s Stand Up and Scream

“Final Episode (Let’s Change the Channel)” and “Not the American Average” are enough reason for me to choose Stand Up and Scream as my album of the week… And that’s before adding in “A Candlelit Dinner with Inamorta” and “A Single Moment of Sincerity.” ❤

Album of the Week: Goon Moon’s Licker’s Last Leg

In case you didn’t know, Jeordie White (formerly of Marilyn Manson, Nine Inch Nails, and A Perfect Circle) has a side project that began in 2005. They are called Goon Moon and they are awesome! I recently ordered their first full-length record, Licker’s Last Leg, and I am in love.

Album of the Week: Bring Me the Horizon’s That’s the Spirit

“Happy Song” has been my anthem recently, so I figured I’d give a nod to BMTH and the record that features that track, That’s the Spirit.