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I told y’all Alter Bridge would show up more than once! Lol. I love these guys, and lately I have been obsessed with the song “Words Darker Than Their Wings” from AB III. 


Concert Review: Alter Bridge at The Tabernacle (Jan. 22, 2017)

Alter Bridge’s The Last Hero tour made a stop in Atlanta, Georgia, this past Sunday. Coincidentally, this was the same night as the NFC Championship game. The Atlanta Falcons rose up in the Georgia Dome; Alter Bridge brought down The Tabernacle.

With an audience that consisted of many exhilarated Falcons fans, the atmosphere was electric. Monster Truck, who opened for Alter Bridge the last time they played The Tabernacle, was definitely on point. Energetic and insanely talented, these Canada natives set the bar high. They exited the stage and the room was literally buzzing with adrenaline and excitement.

When the lights dimmed, the roar of the crowd was astounding. Tension mounted with each passing second and then, Alter Bridge stepped into view: vocalist/guitarist Myles Kennedy, drummer Scott Phillips, bassist Brian Marshall, and guitarist Mark Tremonti. Before the noise had even begun to die down, the band ripped into the second track from The Last Hero, “Writing on the Wall.”

Each song was met with enthusiasm from a mass of fans who clearly adored Alter Bridge. The setlist included such songs as “Come to Life,” “Addicted to Pain,” “Blackbird,” and “Isolation.” They played my personal favorites, “Waters Rising” and “Watch Over You.” As an added bonus, they performed “The Last Hero” for the first time stateside.

The set ended with “Open Your Eyes” and the accompanying sing-along. This was followed by a marriage proposal (she said yes), and after congratulating the happy couple, Myles picked out the intro to “Show Me a Leader.” The final song of the evening was none other than “Rise Today.”

I have now seen Alter Bridge four times, and I can honestly say they get better with each show. Maybe it was the fans sharing the experience with me, maybe it was the fact that the music was so wonderful and my heart was filled with total joy, but this was one of the best concerts I’ve ever attended.

Of course, I close this review with my own personal story from the show. My brother and I once again circled the venue and waited by the buses. I can’t explain it; however, I knew this was the night I would finally meet Myles Kennedy.

And I did.

Myles was the first member of Alter Bridge to emerge from The Tabernacle. He came straight over to where I was standing, signed the band itinerary a security guard had given me, and posed for a picture. He hugged me and thanked us for being there before moving away to talk to the others gathered around us.

Mark was the next one out. I introduced myself this time, which made him chuckle. We then spoke to Brian and last, but certainly not least, Scott (who brought up college football in response to my Alabama Crimson Tide jacket).

I cannot stress enough how exceptional these four men are. Not only are they brilliant musicians, they are kind and sweet and appreciate their fans. I will never stop encouraging others to listen to them and, if possible, to go to an Alter Bridge concert. There is no way you will be disappointed.

Here are two of my favorite pictures from the night. The rest can be found HERE.

Concert Review: An Amazing Night With Alter Bridge


On Wednesday, October 5th, my brother Rick and I drove up to the War Memorial Auditorium in Nashville to see Alter Bridge. The other two bands on the bill were 3 Pill Morning and Adelita’s Way. I was very excited because I love all three acts, and I can tell you honestly that they did not disappoint. 3 Pill Morning was energetic and seemed to thrive off of audience participation, while Adelita’s Way focused more upon the music and less upon sing-alongs.

Once Adelita’s Way left the stage, anticipation became a practically tangible emotion in the air: any second now, Alter Bridge would be up there. Excited chatter filled the venue and when the lights dimmed, expectation reached its breaking point. There were several yells and delighted shrieks. Alter Bridge drummer Scott Phillips climbed behind his set, throwing his hands into the air and eliciting cheers from the eager crowd. In rapid succession, bassist Brian Marshall, guitarist Mark Tremonti, and vocalist/guitarist Myles Kennedy emerged from backstage. The band tore into “Come to Life” without preamble.

The set list had (almost) every track an Alter Bridge fan could want, including “Ties That Bind,” “Blackbird,” “Isolation,” “Watch Over You,” and the band’s latest song of encouragement, “My Champion.” As per usual, the set was concluded with “Open Your Eyes.”

But of course, no one moved. With chants of “Alter Bridge” echoing loudly, the quartet returned for two encores. The moment had come. It was a highlight for many as the band began the first single off their upcoming record, “Show Me a Leader.” Watching Myles Kennedy play the intro, I literally had chills.

Their second encore was the much loved “Rise Today.” Myles invited us to sing the chorus near the end, and we accepted with gusto. That will always be one of my favorite parts of an Alter Bridge concert.

The show was perfect. I have no other way to describe it. I have seen Alter Bridge three times, and this performance and set list were the best. If you love bands who get up there and play and don’t bother with props or appearances, then you need to hit an AB concert. It’s nothing fancy; just four extremely talented musicians doing what they do best.

After taking a bow and many thank-yous, the band filed off the stage. The lights came on and crew members went to work breaking everything down. The satisfied audience spilled from the venue, talking and laughing and, in some cases, lamenting the long drive home. However, my and my brother’s night was not over.

Together, Rick and I circled the venue and joined a cluster of fans by the bus. It paid off. We soon were meeting Brian Marshall. Our patience and determination kept us there for another forty-five minutes — long enough for Mark Tremonti to emerge. And this is when my review gets personal.

Rick has been a fan of Mark’s since roughly 1997. He saw Creed with Finger Eleven and Sevendust many moons ago. He accepted Myles Kennedy without question and has loved Alter Bridge from day one. But he had never met any of them until this night. (I met Mark in Birmingham last year, when Tremonti opened for Black Stone Cherry.) Rick and Mark talked guitars, then Rick told Mark that he was his idol. It was…beautiful.

Mark was quickly followed by Scott Phillips, who was good-humored and who, after Rick stated that Alter Bridge were his heroes, said we were the band’s heroes. And with that, we left, both in high spirits. The fact that we were about to spend over two hours on the road didn’t even matter.

So worth it ❤



Review: Alter Bridge’s The Last Hero


Band: Alter Bridge

Album: The Last Hero

Genre: Rock

Release Date: October 7, 2016

Standout Tracks: “Show Me a Leader,” “My Champion,” “Cradle to the Grave,” “You Will Be Remembered,” “Twilight,” and “The Last Hero”


I don’t know the best way to describe Alter Bridge’s The Last Hero. Several words come to mind — magnificent, flawless, great — but I don’t believe any of them quite cover it.

Chills erupt the instant “Show Me a Leader” begins. Musically, the track is exceptional, and lyrically, it is powerful and relevant and doesn’t pander to either side, a feat that is very difficult. Vocalist/guitarist Myles Kennedy’s brilliant songwriting is showcased from the get-go.

“Show Me a Leader” is followed by two heavier tracks filled with social commentary, “Writing on the Wall” and “The Other Side.” Touching on an edgier, darker vibe, these two songs should satisfy even the pickiest of metalheads.

With the rapidity that only Alter Bridge can manage, the album then takes a complete one-eighty, and we are given “My Champion.” I would categorize this as a more basic rock song musically, except for that guitar solo. However, the words are some of the most beautiful I have ever heard. Myles is the king of encouragement, of writing lyrics that make you both laugh and cry. “My Champion” is my favorite, by far.

After this breather, the album plunges back into the harder side of things, with the darkly melodic “Cradle to the Grave” and “This Side of Fate.” These precede “You Will Be Remembered,” the only thing resembling a ballad on The Last Hero. Beautifully written, this is definitely another highlight for me.

The album concludes with the title track, “The Last Hero,” a fitting close to such an amazing album.

From the first second until the final note, The Last Hero is fabulous. Filled with tasty guitar licks and complex solos, carried by masterful bass and drums, and topped with Myles Kennedy’s million dollar voice, this album is a 66:13 rollercoaster ride, speaking of social frustration and hopelessness, but also of personal triumph and self-belief. As soon as it is over, you want to jump on again.

I don’t have a rating system, but The Last Hero gets 5/5 stars. After a three year wait, this Alter Bridge fan is 100% satisfied.