Alter Bridge Set to Release ‘Live at the Royal Albert Hall’ in September

This past October, Alter Bridge played at the Royal Albert Hall in London, accompanied by the 52-piece Parallax Orchestra. The momentous occasion was recorded and will be available everywhere as a CD/DVD combo on September 7th. You can preorder it now via Alter Bridge’s official site.

The track list is as follows:

CD 1
01 – “Slip To The Void
02 – “Addicted To Pain
03 – “Before Tomorrow Comes
04 – “The Writing On The Wall
05 – “Cry Of Achilles
06 – “In Loving Memory
07 – “Fortress
08 – “Ties That Bind
09 – “The Other Side
10 – “Brand New Start
11 – “Ghost Of Days Gone By

CD 2
12 – “The Last Hero
13 – “The End Is Here
14 – “Words Darker Than Their Wings
15 – “Waters Rising
16 – “Lover
17 – “Wonderful Life / Watch Over You
18 – “This Side Of Fate
19 – “Broken Wings
20 – “Blackbird
21 – “Open Your Eyes

01 – “Intro
02 – “Slip To The Void
03 – “Addicted To Pain
04 – “Before Tomorrow Comes
05 – “Show preparation / Interview
06 – “The Writing On The Wall
07 – “Cry Of Achilles
08 – “In Loving Memory
09 – “Fortress
10 – “The first rehearsal / Interview
11 – “Ties That Bind
12 – “The Other Side
13 – “Rehearsal reactions
14 – “Brand New Start
15 – “Ghost Of Days Gone By
16 – “Future Song Foundation / Interview
17 – “The Last Hero
18 – “The End Is Here
19 – “Rehearsal – WDTTW / Interview
20 – “Words Darker Than Their Wings
21 – “Waters Rising
22 – “Lover
23 – “Family / Interview
24 – “Wonderful Life/Watch Over You
25 – “This Side Of Fate
26 – “Fans / Interview
27 – “Broken Wings
28 – “Blackbird
29 – “Open Your Eyes
30 – “End titles / Credits

And to build even more anticipation, Alter Bridge has shared the video of “Addicted to Pain” from the DVD.


10 Songs to Help You Through Hard Times

I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately, as I haven’t been in the best place mentally or emotionally for the past month. Music is the only thing that makes sense anymore.

I know we all have those songs that make us feel good, but what about the ones that are like a balm to our bruised hearts/souls? My recent struggles have led me to a few discoveries, one of which surprised me very much.

Alter Bridge: “I Know It Hurts”

Myles Kennedy is the king of uplifting lyrics. I can name a track from each Alter Bridge album that could be on this list, but “I Know It Hurts” takes the spot because of one simple line: “Now is not forever.” Sometimes, that is the best thing to remember.

Alter Bridge: “All Ends Well”

I said Myles was the king, right? “If you believe in nothing else, just keep believing in yourself.”

Almost Kings: “Better Than This”

There are actually a couple of songs from these Georgia natives that I could have chosen. However, “Better Than This” immediately struck a chord in me. I understand it so much more now.

Asking Alexandria: “Alone in a Room”

I know, I know. I haven’t shut up about this band or this song, but the lyrics describe my mindset so accurately that it’s scary.

Linkin Park: “Heavy”

Honestly, isn’t it nice to know you’re not the only one? This song has brought me to tears more than once, especially following Chester’s death.

Asking Alexandria: “Under Denver”

“Just wait and see, just sit and breathe.”

Andy Black: “Put the Gun Down”

This was the one that surprised me. I hadn’t listened to Andy’s solo record, then I randomly decided to let it play on Amazon. I ended up with this song on repeat. I couldn’t have found it at a better moment.

Blink-182: “Adam’s Song”


Fun: “Carry On”

“May your past be the sound of your feet upon the ground. Carry on.”

Modest Mouse: “Float On”

My line has always been Don’t worry, even if things end up a bit too heavy. We’ll all float on alright.”

Playlist Challenge, Day 267

Alter Bridge — “I Know It Hurts”

This is one of my favorite songs from Alter Bridge, lyrically ❤

Ranked: Alter Bridge

Alter Bridge’s “birthday” was January 4th. It has been an amazing fourteen years, filled with truly epic music. Here, I will rank their albums from my most loved to my least loved. (My list includes only their studio albums.)

1. Blackbird (2007)

The title track alone is enough to earn Blackbird the number one spot. It blows my mind that anyone can hear that song and not acknowledge Alter Bridge as one of the best rock bands in existence. By the time “Ties That Bind,” “Come to Life,” and “Watch Over You” are added, there is no disputing the strength of this record.

2. Fortress (2013)

This was a tough one, because for me, Fortress and One Day Remains are neck and neck. However, Fortress took number two based on “Lover” and “Waters Rising” (which is in my top 5 favorite AB tracks; I adore Mark’s voice).

3. One Day Remains (2004)

And so we come to Alter Bridge’s debut record, and man, is it a winner. At the time of its release, I was focused on other bands, mainly Avenged Sevenfold, and I missed it almost entirely (though I did see them at a festival on this tour). Once I became obsessed with Alter Bridge, however, I quickly realized there isn’t a single song from One Day Remains that I can’t listen to. My favorites are the title track, “Find the Real,” “In Loving Memory,” and “Shed My Skin.”

4. AB III (2010)

Confession: I don’t love every song from AB III. I don’t hate any of them, but it’s not an album I typically listen to from start to finish. With that said, the songs I do love on it are standouts in Alter Bridge’s career: “Slip to the Void,” “Isolation,” “Ghost of Days Gone By,” “Wonderful Life,” “I Know It Hurts,” and “Words Darker Than Their Wings.” (Again, anything Mark lends his vocals to is alright with me.)

5. The Last Hero (2016)

I like this album. Really, I do. I saw them three times touring for it. But it didn’t have as many songs that jumped out and grabbed me as their previous records. “Show Me a Leader” is great, and “Crows on a Wire” is a punch to the face (in a good way). I also enjoy “Twilight,” “My Champion,” and “This Side of Fate.”

Album of the Week: Alter Bridge’s One Day Remains

I have to admit: I wasn’t impressed when I first heard “Open Your Eyes.” However, upon giving the entirety of One Day Remains a chance, I discovered that it is a very strong record from start to finish. My favorite tracks are “One Day Remains,” “Find the Real,” “In Loving Memory,” and “Shed My Skin.” Oh… and I adore “Watch Your Words.” 💜💜💜

Alter Bridge Returns to the Iron City

On their final leg of The Last Hero tour, Alter Bridge made a stop in Birmingham, Alabama, for the first time in ten years. They played at Iron City with opening acts Sons of Texas and All That Remains. As an added bonus, I convinced my parents to go. It was their first Alter Bridge show.

Unfortunately, due to circumstances beyond my control, I missed all of Sons of Texas and most of All That Remains, though I did catch the latter performing their version of “The Thunder Rolls.”

My parents and I found a spot in the balcony and anxiously awaited the start of Alter Bridge’s set. The venue was packed from wall to wall, and everywhere I looked I saw shirts from past tours, most prominent among them Blackbird and The Last Hero.

Just as the excitement boiled over and fans began chanting the band’s name, the lights dimmed. Drummer Scott Phillips settled behind his kit to a soundtrack of cheers. Vocalist/guitarist Myles Kennedy, guitarist Mark Tremonti, and bassist Brian Marshall took the stage without further ado, and we were off.

Alter Bridge opened with “Writing on the Wall” and tore through three more songs before Myles addressed the audience. Every word he spoke was met with ecstatic screams. At one point, the front man acknowledged how long it had been since they’d been to Alabama, and he promised they would never overlook us again.

Alter Bridge’s set spanned their entire career, hitting the high points from each album: “Open Your Eyes” from One Day Remains, “Ties That Bind” and the title track of Blackbird, “Isolation” (AB III), “Cry of Achilles” (Fortress), and “Crows on a Wire” off The Last Hero. Much to our joy, they did “Fortress,” which doesn’t often find its way into their shows. The acoustic portion consisted of Myles playing “Watch Over You” alone, then being joined by Mark for the highlight of my night, “In Loving Memory.” The evening came to a close with “Show Me a Leader” and “Rise Today.”

This was my fifth Alter Bridge show, and the quartet again not only met but surpassed my expectations. Musically brilliant and high on crowd participation, they delivered the kind of performance concert-goers dream about. I was on cloud 9. My mom, who has been listening to Alter Bridge since 2004, was over the moon. And my dad… Well, he doesn’t like a lot of recent artists/bands, but he seemed suitably impressed, especially when Mark and Myles had their guitar duel and showcased that they are, in fact, the two most talented men in the business.

For the fourth consecutive review, I am ending with a personal anecdote. My parents and I went to where the buses were parked and were soon graced by the presence of Mark, Myles, and Scott. Perhaps my favorite part of the night was Dad introducing himself to Mark. I added “That’s my dad,” and Mark smiled and said “Hi, Dad!” It was so endearing. The guitarist also found it humorous that my mom made him squat for a picture, attempting to get him closer to my height (I’m barely under 5′ and Mark is 6’1″). He did so without protest, and he is grinning in the photo.

I love this band. They are my happy place.

Now Playing (06): Alter Bridge

I told y’all Alter Bridge would show up more than once! Lol. I love these guys, and lately I have been obsessed with the song “Words Darker Than Their Wings” from AB III.