Playlist Challenge, Day 800

“In the End” (Dead 7 theme song)

I didn’t know the best way to list artist and title for this one, considering it is performed by a supergroup that consists of members from Backstreet Boys, NSYNC, 98°, and O-Town.

The movie — a Post-Apocalyptic zombie Western — was super cheesy, but enjoyable. This song, though, is actually really good.

My inner preteen is so happy right now…

I signed in on Facebook and this was the first thing I saw:

New Backstreet Boys?!?!? Excuse me while my inner ten-year-old squeals excitedly. Lol.

Weekly Focus: Backstreet Boys, Day Seven

Backstreet Boys — “Breathe,” from the album In a World Like This (2013).

Weekly Focus: Backstreet Boys, Day Six

Backstreet Boys — “Masquerade,” from the album This is Us (2009).

Weekly Focus: Backstreet Boys, Day Four

Backstreet Boys — “Just Want You to Know,” from the album Never Gone (2005).