Playlist Challenge, Day 809

Aesthetic Perfection ft. Richard Z. Kruspe — “Gods & Gold”

Playlist Challenge, Day 804

3Teeth — “Unveiled”

Playlist Challenge, Day 795

Oomph! — “Labyrinth”

Weekly Focus: Songs About Halloween, Day Two

Ministry — “(Every Day Is) Halloween,” from the album Twelve Inch Singles (1987).

Note: I know this song was originally released as a single in 1984, but the earliest mention of it on an actual record is the aforementioned Twelve Inch Singles. And no, the track is not specifically about the day of Halloween… For many people, however, Halloween is a lifestyle, so it still fits the bill.

Playlist Challenge, Day 789

Crosses (†††) — “blk stallion”

Weekly Focus: Oomph!, Day Five

Oomph! — “Zero Endorphine,” from the album Unrein (1998).