Weekly Focus: Terminal Choice, Day Seven

Terminal Choice — “Bitch Like You,” from the album Übermacht (2010).

Weekly Focus: Terminal Choice, Day Six

Terminal Choice — “Rockstar,” from the album New Born Enemies (2006).

Weekly Focus: Terminal Choice, Day Five

Terminal Choice — “You Don’t Deserve Me,” from the album Menschenbrecher (2003).

Weekly Focus: Terminal Choice, Day Four

Terminal Choice — “In Your Soul,” from the album Ominous Future (2000).

Weekly Focus: Terminal Choice, Day Three

Terminal Choice — “Digital Terror,” from the album Black Past (1999).

Weekly Focus: Terminal Choice, Day Two

Terminal Choice — “House of Evil,” from the album Navigator (1998).

Weekly Focus: Terminal Choice, Day One

Just an FYI: I will only be posting songs from Terminal Choice’s full-length albums. Otherwise, I’d need a lot more than seven days. (I may do a feature on their demos and EPs at a later date.)

Terminal Choice — “Flesh in Chains,” from the album In the Shadow of Death (1996).

Album of the Week: Terminal Choice’s Übermacht

My introduction to Chris Pohl was through BlutEngel, but I am the type of fan who always listens to other projects from my favorite artists. Therefore, I went back and checked out Terminal Choice. I personally prefer BlutEngel; however, I can certainly see why so many people want Terminal Choice to reunite.

I chose 2010’s Übermacht as my album of the week mostly due to “Keine Macht,” but I also love “Bad Trippin'” and “Bitch Like You.”

Weekly Focus: Massive Ego, Day Seven

Massive Ego — “Super Selfie Superstar,” from the album Church for the Malfunctioned (2019).

Weekly Focus: Massive Ego, Day Six

Massive Ego — “The Wolf,” from the album Church for the Malfunctioned (2019).