Playlist Challenge, Day 761

Emigrate ft. Margaux Bossieux — “Happy Times”


Playlist Challenge, Day 744

Emigrate — “Rainbow”

Weekly Focus: Emigrate, Day Six

Emigrate ft. Margaux Bossieux — “Lead You On,” from the album A Million Degrees (2018).

Album of the Week: Emigrate’s A Million Degrees

How can you go wrong with a side project from one of the members of Rammstein?! (Richard Z. Kruspe, for those wondering.) I admit I was late in discovering Emigrate: I didn’t stumble across them until their latest release, A Million Degrees. The first song I heard was “I’m Not Afraid,” which features Cardinal Copia of Ghost, but my favorite from the album is “Let’s Go,” with guest vocals from Rammstein front man Till Lindemann.