5 Bands/Artists You Should Be Following (#6)

1. Midnight Blackout

A post hardcore/math rock band from France. For fans of Every Time I Die, The Dillinger Escape Plan, Converge, etc. You can listen to their debut EP, Hangover, on Spotify or YouTube. For a taste of what you can expect, check out “Lorenzo.”


2. Amerakin Overdose

AOD is a mix of industrial, hard rock, metal, and even a bit of pop. They hail from Oregon. For fans of Nine Inch Nails, Mushroomhead, Static-X, etc. Amerakin Overdose will be hitting the road for a summer tour, kicking off June 29th. Here is my favorite song from them, “Letting Go.”


3. Advocates

A hard rock/metal/post hardcore band from Australia. For fans of early Atreyu, Memphis May Fire, Blessthefall, etc. Check out “Destructive Tendencies” from 2016’s The Complex Truth.


4. Values

A melodic metal/hardcore band from the UK. For fans of early Asking Alexandria, Mastodon, Beartooth, etc. Listen to the latest single, “Hopeless,” below!


5. Marquis of Vaudeville

A truly unique band from Dallas. Best described as alternative/carnivalesque rock/psychedelic punk cabaret. I don’t know how to do a “for fans of,” but perhaps I can say if you liked the music from The Devil’s Carnival, or just Emilie Autumn, you’ll like Marquis of Vaudeville. I’m sharing the first song I listened to, and I highly encourage you to check out more.


Weekly Focus: Goon Moon, Day One

Goon Moon — “No Umbrellas,” from the mini album I Got a Brand New Egg Layin’ Machine (2005).

5 Bands/Artists You Should Be Following

I decided to start doing this once a week. I am following so many bands/artists on my various social media, and I think y’all should be too! Also, if you have recommendations of your own, feel free to comment!

1. Skellington

A metal band from Sweden, Skellington is currently working on new music. You can hear all of their music on Spotify, but to make your lives easier:

Check them out on Facebook and Instagram.

2. Devils Envy

I shared their most recent single, “Psycho,” not too long ago. Devils Envy is a kick-ass rock band from Orlando, Florida. Here is the video for “Look At Me Now.”


3. Evestus

Evestus is an industrial rock/nu-goth/dark grunge band from Estonia. You can search for them on Spotify or just listen to this:


4. 9Electric

9Electric is an electronic hard rock band from Los Angeles, California. Front man Ron Underwood was formerly in the band Opiate for the Masses.


5. Throne of Eden

I’ve gotta share at least one band from my home state of Alabama. Throne of Eden is a rock band, for fans of Avenged Sevenfold, Bullet For My Valentine, etc. Their debut album, The Final Days, is now available on Spotify, iTunes, and the like.


Weekly Focus: Powerman 5000, Day Seven

Powerman 5000 — “We Want It All,” from the album Builders of the Future (2014).

Weekly Focus: Powerman 5000, Day Six

Powerman 5000 — “Space Oddity,” from the album Copies, Clones, and Replicants (2011).

Weekly Focus: Powerman 5000, Day Five

Powerman 5000 — “Show Me What You’ve Got,” from the album Somewhere on the Other Side of Nowhere (2009).

Weekly Focus: Powerman 5000, Day Two

Powerman 5000 — “Bombshell,” from the album Anyone For Doomsday? (2001)

Weekly Focus: Powerman 5000, Day One

Powerman 5000 — “Supernova Goes Pop,” from the album Tonight the Stars Revolt! (1999)

Album of the Week: Powerman 5000’s Tonight the Stars Revolt!

I can remember being at CD Exchange when they still had portable CD players set up so customers could sample albums. I decided to give Tonight the Stars Revolt! a shot after reading about PM5K in a magazine. I loved it, and that led to me being quite the Powerman 5000 fan for a while.