Playlist Challenge, Day 379

Playlist Challenge, Day 379

Marilyn Manson — “King Kill 33°”

Band Crush Monday: Avenged Sevenfold

Band Crush Monday: Avenged Sevenfold

With Metal Hammer‘s announcement of a tribute to Avenged Sevenfold, entitled Hail to the Kings, and the fact that front man M. Shadows is in the new Ghost video, I decided to post a blog about the band that stole my heart in 2005.

My introduction to Avenged Sevenfold came during a difficult time in my life. At seventeen, I lost my boyfriend. I had some really great people helping me get through it, and one of those individuals played me Waking the Fallen. I was immediately in love. Over the years, I have met some of my best friends through a shared love of these guys.

So, in honor of my forever band crush, here are some photos of and my favorite videos from Avenged Sevenfold.

“Bat Country”


“Unholy Confessions”

“Hail to the King”

“Save Me”


“Acid Rain”

5 Bands/Artists You Should Be Following [Week Three]

5 Bands/Artists You Should Be Following [Week Three]

This has been going well 🙂 Week three features bands I found on Facebook!

1. Dead Letters

A dark rock/gothic metal band from Chile. You can check out their Left Unsaid EP on Spotify. “Anthem For a Broken Heart” was the first song I listened to, so here:


2. Heartbreak Heroes

A rock/alternative band from Oklahoma. You can find their EP, The Singles, on iTunes, Google Play, and Spotify. To get you started, here is the official live video for “Sold Me Out.”


3. Kelen Heller

A rock/metal band from South Carolina. Musically evolving with each release, and really great live performers, KH should definitely be added to your music library!


4. Small Town Titans

A hard rock band from Pennsylvania. An act that is constantly creating new music. Give this dirty rock power trio a listen and a follow! Kick off your familiarity with “Dragonfly.”


5. The Dirty Reckless

“Blue collar sleaze” from Texas. If you like dirty rock & roll, this is the band for you. Search on YouTube for more covers.