March 2018 Album Releases

March 2018 Album Releases

Hi, all! So it’s almost March, and along with the beginning of spring, the month is going to bring an abundance of new music!!! I personally am looking forward to the release of Myles Kennedy’s first solo record, Year of the Tiger! Following is a list of albums scheduled to reach your hands — and ears — in March!

{Note: If there’s anything that needs to be added to this list, feel free to leave a comment and let me know!}

  • Tech N9ne: Planet [3/2]
  • Moby: Everything Was Beautiful, and Nothing Hurt [3/2]
  • Tony Lanez: Memories Don’t Die [3/2]
  • Apathy: The Widow’s Son [3/2]
  • Joan Baez: Whistle Down the Wind [3/2]
  • Randy Bachman: By George — By Bachman [3/2]
  • Ry Cooder: Paris, Texas, on vinyl [3/2]
  • Andrew W.K.: You’re Not Alone [3/2]
  • Barely Civil: We Can Live Here Forever [3/2]
  • Buffalo Tom: Quiet and Peace [3/2]
  • Cut Chemist: Die Cut [3/2]
  • Flame: God Knows [3/2]
  • The Breeders: All Nerve [3/2]
  • Pouya: Five Five [3/5]
  • Lawren: Get Your Change [3/5]
  • Calum Scott: Only Human [3/9]
  • David Byrne: American Utopia [3/9]
  • Editors: Violence [3/9]
  • Between the Buried and Me: Automata I [3/9]
  • Judas Priest: Firepower [3/9]
  • Myles Kennedy: Year of the Tiger [3/9]
  • The Fratellis: In Your Own Sweet Time [3/9]
  • Marillion: Brave, deluxe edition [3/9]
  • Suicidal Tendencies: Get Your Fight On! [3/14]
  • Teenage Wrist: Chrome Neon Jesus [3/14]
  • Stone Temple Pilots: Stone Temple Pilots [3/16]
  • Dorothy: 28 Days in the Valley [3/16]
  • Greyhaven: Empty Black [3/16]
  • Fickle Friends: You Are Someone Else [3/16]
  • Scotty McCreery: Seasons Change [3/16]
  • Mount Eerie: Now Only [3/16]
  • The Decemberists: I’ll Be Your Girl [3/16]
  • The Oak Ridge Boys: 17th Avenue Revival [3/16]
  • Three Days Grace: Outsider [3/18]
  • Turbowolf: The Free Life [3/18]
  • Jack White: Boarding House Reach [3/23]
  • Blessthefall: Hard Feelings [3/23]
  • Nicole Cross: Shapeshifter [3/23]
  • Toni Braxton: Sex & Cigarettes [3/23]
  • George Ezra: Staying at Tamara’s [3/23]
  • Led Zeppelin: How the West Was Won, reissue [3/23]
  • Monster Magnet: Mindfucker [3/23]
  • Moody Blues: Days of Future Passed, Live [3/23]
  • Procol Harum: Still There’ll Be More, an Anthology, 1967 – 2017 [3/23]
  • The Cars: Shake It Up; Heartbeat City, expanded reissues [3/30]
  • En Vogue: Electric Café [3/30]
  • Hayley Kiyoko: Expectations [3/30]
  • Kate Nash: Yesterday Was Forever [3/30]
  • Rich the Kid: The World is Yours [3/30]
  • Echosmith: Inside a Dream [3/30]
  • Escape the Fate: I Am Human [3/30]
  • Her: Her [3/30]
  • Kacey Musgraves: Golden Hour [3/30]
  • Red Sun Rising: Thread [3/30]
  • Zeke: Hellbender [3/30]
February 2018 Album Releases

February 2018 Album Releases

Get your wallets ready… 🎶

(I will warn you, this list may not be comprehensive. If I’ve missed anything, feel free to comment and let me know.)

  • Twin Peaks: Sweet ’17 Singles (2/9)
  • Rhye: Blood (2/2)
  • Death and Vanilla: The Tenant (2/2)
  • The Soft Moon: Criminal (2/2)
  • Sunflowers: Castle Spell (2/9)
  • US Girls: In a Poem Unlimited (2/16)
  • BB and the Blips: Demo (2/1)
  • The Outfit: The Outfit (2/2)
  • Anna Burch: Quit the Curse (2/2)
  • Rae Morris: Someone Out There (2/2)
  • Loma: Loma (2/16)
  • Claudio PRC: TGP 012 (TBA)
  • Rich Brian: Amen (2/2)
  • Steve Reich: Pulse/Quartet (2/2)
  • AwolNation: Here Come the Runts (2/2)
  • Bat Fangs: Bat Fangs (2/2)
  • Rick Ross: Port of Miami 2, Born to Kill (2/2)
  • Loretta Lynn: Wouldn’t It Be Great? (2/2)
  • Kyle Craft: Full Circle Nightmare (2/2)
  • Young Echo: Young Echo (2/2)
  • Justin Timberlake: Man of the Woods (2/2)
  • Simple Minds: Walk Between Worlds (2/2)
  • Toto: Greatest Hits, 40 Trips Around the Sun (2/9)
  • Fifty Shades Freed soundtrack (2/9)
  • Franz Ferdinand: Always Ascending (2/9)
  • Fu Manchu: Clone of the Universe (2/9)
  • MGMT: Little Dark Age (2/9)
  • Black Panther soundtrack (2/9)
  • Chemtrails: Calf of the Sacred Cow (2/9)
  • Pop Evil: Pop Evil (2/16)
  • Ride: Tomorrow’s Shore (2/16)
  • American Nightmare: American Nightmare (2/16)
  • Geowulf: Great Big Blue (2/16)
  • Brandi Carlile: By the Way, I Forgive You (2/16)
  • Escape the Fate: I Am Human (2/16)
  • Turbonegro: RockNRoll Machine (2/20)
  • Deströyer 666: Call of the Wild (2/23)
  • Caroline Rose: Loner (2/23)
  • The Skull Defekts: The Skull Defects (2/23)
  • Riff Raff: Cool Blue Jewels (2/9)
  • Nipsey Hussle: Victory Lap (2/16)
  • Black Milk: Fever (2/23)
  • Don Broco: Technology (2/2)
  • Saxon: Thunderbolt (2/2)
  • Dashboard Confessional: Crooked Shadows (2/9)
  • Senses Fail: If There is Light, It Will Find You (2/16)
  • Vance Joy: Nation of Two (2/23)
  • Shannon Noll: Unbroken (2/2)
  • Genocide Pact: Order of Torment (2/2)
  • Harm’s Way: Post Human (2/9)
  • Social Club Misfits: Into the Night (2/9)
  • Slaves: Beautiful Death (2/16)
  • Red River Dialect: Broken Stay, Open Sky (2/2)
New Year, New Music

New Year, New Music

It is only the fifth day of 2018 and already, we’ve had multiple tracks from some of our favorite bands/artists.

1. Judas Priest: “Lightning Strike”

2. Breaking Benjamin: “Red Cold River”

3. A Perfect Circle: “Disillusioned”

4. Cane Hill: “It Follows”

5. Crashdïet: “We Are the Legion”

This was actually posted on December 30th. Still, I included it because the song is the debut of new singer Gabriel Keyes 🎶

6. Justin Timberlake: “Filthy”

7. Slaves: “Patience is the Virtue”

Obviously this is not a comprehensive list of every single released this week, but it’s a good place to start!

What I’m Listening To: Myles Kennedy

What I’m Listening To: Myles Kennedy

I’m addicted to all things related to Alter Bridge, in case you didn’t notice. Naturally, that means 2018 is going to be great for me. Myles Kennedy is finally releasing his first (technically second) solo album, entitled Year of the Tiger, in March; and Mark Tremonti’s other band will have a record out at some point next year.

Today, the title track from Myles’s album was released. It is very different from his work with both Alter Bridge and Slash. I love seeing another facet to this artist I admire so much! Check it out and feel free to leave a comment telling me your thoughts!

What I’m Listening To: Clone the Dead

What I’m Listening To: Clone the Dead

This was actually sent to me in a comment on another post. Clone the Dead is a new rap metal band, similar to Hollywood Undead. “Half a Life” is currently the only track they have published on YouTube.

I liked this song and would definitely be interested in hearing more. Give it a play and see what you think!

Stone Temple Pilots’ New Singer (Listen)

Stone Temple Pilots’ New Singer (Listen)

The Stone Temple Pilots debuted a new front man recently. His name is Jeff Gutt, and he was a former contestant on “X Factor.” Check out the new song “Meadow,” which features Gutt on vocals.


New Music: Neon Coven

New Music: Neon Coven

I know I’ve talked about Lynam on here, and I’m fairly certain I’ve mentioned Adler. But for those who aren’t familiar with either band, here’s what you need to know.

Lynam is a rock band from Birmingham, Alabama. The members include vocalist/guitarist Jacob Bunton, drummer David Lynam, and bassist Mark Dzier. They are heavily influenced by the 80’s glam rock scene (Poison, Mötley Crüe, Guns ‘N’ Roses, etc.) Which is why it was a big deal when, back around 2011, Jacob joined forces with former GNR drummer Steven Adler.

Along with Jacob and Steven, guitarist Lonny Paul and bassist Johnny Martin became a band known as “Adler.” In 2012, they released the full-length Back From the Dead (and Lonny became a member of Lynam). Unfortunately, Steven ended up back in rehab. I don’t know what happened once he was out, just that Adler has done nothing since.

Anyway, fast-forward to the present. Jacob has been writing and producing (and relocating to) Los Angeles. He has since put together another band: Neon Coven.

I was surprised to discover that Jacob is not the front man in Neon Coven. A mix of electronica and rock, I find that his new endeavor is quite different from Lynam and Adler. Why don’t you see for yourself? This is their song “No One Knows You’re Dead” from the recently released EP, Risen.