Stone Temple Pilots’ New Singer (Listen)

The Stone Temple Pilots debuted a new front man recently. His name is Jeff Gutt, and he was a former contestant on “X Factor.” Check out the new song “Meadow,” which features Gutt on vocals.



Asteroid named after Freddie Mercury in honor of singer’s 70th birthday — Consequence of Sound

Today would have been Freddie Mercury’s 70th birthday. In commemoration, the International Astronomical Union has named an asteroid in honor of the Queen singer. According to the Guardian, “Freddiemercury” is a 3.5km-wide asteroid found on the other side of Mars. As it never comes closer to 350 million kilometres to Earth, it poses no immediate danger…

via Asteroid named after Freddie Mercury in honor of singer’s 70th birthday — Consequence of Sound

Local Music News

Well…things are not great for me and haven’t been for a while. My two favorite local bands, Lynam and Almost Kings, are going through some changes.

In Lynam’s case, vocalist/guitarist Jacob Bunton has moved to LA and is working with Adler, as well as other artists. Drummer David Lynam and bassist Mark Dzier have formed a cover band called Danger City. I’m not sure what this means for Lynam, though I have my guesses.

Almost Kings, on the other hand, lost bassist Danny Helms months ago. The band announced a search for a new bass player. I know they had a guy filling in, but I don’t know if he was the permanent replacement. A couple of weeks ago, drummer Kevin Compton said he was leaving too. Sooo… 😦 They will continue; I just wonder what’s next. It will definitely be different.

Update for my Followers

I know I’ve been MIA, for the most part. My personal life took over. But that’s over now (and believe me, it’s for the best), so I’m going to be more active. I’ve been simply scheduling posts because I haven’t been able to sign in every day. Now, however, I intend to get back to my original plans for this blog.

Coming soon:

-a review of Lynam’s latest release, Bombshell

-a review of Almost Kings’ new album, The Re-Introduction

-a list of my top ten favorite current vocalists

-a list of my top ten favorite “guilty pleasures”

I have also started a Twitter that is meant to be an extension of this blog (@Dixie_Rocker). I’ve been checking out all the bands who follow me/ask me to. There will be a post promoting those artists as well.

I hope this blog finds all of you happy and healthy!