Keep Your Head Up (A Playlist)

A few weeks ago, I posted a blog about the songs that have helped me through hard times. I only included ten, but obviously there are so many more! With this in mind, I created a YouTube playlist.

Songs for Solace, Comfort, & Encouragement

Included are bands such as Linkin Park, Good Charlotte, Asking Alexandria, Alter Bridge, and Three Days Grace! Feel free to comment — here or on YouTube — with your own additions to the playlist!

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Halloween Playlist 2017

It is October!!!! The weather is cooler, my football team is undefeated, and I’ve already bought some Halloween swag because, let’s be honest, it’s the best holiday. So now it’s time for my Halloween playlist. I didn’t do this last year, but I swear it will be tradition from now on.

First and foremost, I have to include some Marilyn Manson and Alice Cooper, because honestly, how can you go wrong with either?

1. Marilyn Manson: “Dope Hat”

2. M. Manson: “Tourniquet”

3. M. Manson: “The Dope Show”

4. Alice Cooper: “Some Folks”

5. Alice Cooper: “The Black Widow”

6. Alice Cooper: “Welcome to My Nightmare”

Now, there are several songs by several bands/artists I put on my previous Halloween playlist that I would still highly recommend. For instance, “Love You to Death” by Type O Negative, and The 69 Eyes’ “Velvet Touch.” You just can’t go wrong with anything that has an eerie, sexy, dark vibe to it.

This year, I have discovered a few more bands/artists I feel must be honored during October.

7. Ghost: “Square Hammer”

8. Ghost: “Missionary Man” (a cover, but I’m obsessed!)

9. Ghost: “Body and Blood”

10. The 69 Cats: “Bela Lugosi’s Dead” (another cover; still a must-have!)

11. Third Realm: “Dance Like You Wanna Die”

12. Third Realm: “Sick Mind”

13. Third Realm: “Invitation to Hell”

14. Amerakin Overdose: “Dead Girl on the Dance Floor”

15. Fever Ray: “The Wolf”

16. Levitika: “Zombie Barbie”

17. Puscifer: “The Undertaker”

18. Tim Skold: “Better the Devil”

19. Tim Skold: “Neverland”

20. Lisa Hannigan: “You Haunt Me”

21. 9 Electric: “Naked”

22. Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds: “Red Right Hand”

These are simply my recent finds! Add in some Depeche Mode, London After Midnight, and Rammstein, as well. I personally love the gothic industrial genre. Or you can just throw on the Queen of the Damned soundtrack, which I love!

Halloween Playlist


After introducing him to several of the bands that I listen to, I was told one day by my former boss that my collection consists of “vampire music.” That description made me giggle, but I know what he meant. I do like a lot of, shall we say, darker songs. For that reason, I was given the shared responsibility of compiling a playlist for a Halloween party. This is what I came up with. (Note: not all of them are creepy, sexy, and/or demonic. Lol. I have a wide variety of tastes.)

1. Feed My Frankenstein (Alice Cooper)
2. Love You to Death (Type O Negative)
3. Black No. 1 (Type O Negative)
4. Dark Secret Love (HIM)
5. Velvet Touch (The 69 Eyes)
6. Lost Boys (The 69 Eyes)
7. Dirt Room (Blue October)
8. Diabolic Crush (Third Realm)
9. Carry On Screaming (Ruins) (London After Midnight)
10. Spider and the Fly (London After Midnight)
11. Cyanide(The Rikets)
13. This is Halloween (Marilyn Manson’s cover)
14. Traumfrau (And One)
15. The Ones (Aesthetic Perfection)
16. Big Bad Wolf (Aesthetic Perfection)
17. Military Fashion Show (And One)
18. Assassinate Me (Jesus on Extasy)
19. The Camper Velourium I: Faint of Hearts (Coheed & Cambria)
20. Wir Sind Wir (Paul van Dyk & Peter Heppner)
21. The Greatest Show Unearthed (Creature Feature)
22. A Little Piece of Heaven (Avenged Sevenfold)
23. Her Ghost in the Fog (Cradle of Filth)
24. Nymphetamine Fix (Cradle of Filth)

Happy Haunting!