Album of the Week: Sevendust’s Time Travelers & Bonfires

I love anything that Sevendust does acoustically. Lajon has a beautiful voice, as does Clint, and their lyrics often fit better with an acoustic accompaniment. Needless to say, Time Travelers & Bonfires is a favorite of mine.

Review: Sevendust’s All I See Is War

Band: Sevendust

Album: All I See Is War

Genre: Rock/Metal

Release Date: May 11, 2018

Standout Tracks: “Descend,” “Moments,” “Not Original,” “Life Deceives You,” and “Medicated”

I am not one of the Sevendust faithful, so to speak. I don’t watch the calendar and count the days until the Georgian metal band’s next release. However, when I read Lou Brutus’s praise for All I See Is War, I knew I needed to check it out.

I was not disappointed. Though I found the first two tracks — “Dirty” and “Risen” — to be par for the course, there is something about the album as a whole that really appealed to me. The latter half, in particular, really jumps out.

I have always appreciated Lajon Witherspoon and company’s lack of fear when it comes to showing a softer side to their typically hard-hitting music (“Skeleton Song,” anyone?). Needless to say, the melodic heaviness and gorgeous crooning on tracks such as “Descend,” “Moments,” and “Life Deceives You” were the highlights for me.

All I See Is War has the staples that Sevendust fans have loved for the last two decades. Add in the time-relevant lyrics and the ratio of melancholy, ruthless, and groove-driven, and you get a record that is a must for any music collection.

As a side note, I would like to say that I don’t even have the words to describe “Not Original.” Lajon’s vocal delivery is worthy of chills, and the guitar work from Clint Lowery and John Connolly carry the soulful performance to new heights. It is definitely my favorite song on the album.

Overall, I would give All I See Is War 4/5 stars. A balance of old and new, there are plenty of interesting elements here that make me excited for the future of Sevendust.

New Music (5/7 — 5/13)

Virgil: “Will It Blend?”

Aloe Blacc: “Brooklyn in the Summer”

Deafheaven: “Near” (preview)

Bastille: “Quarter Past Midnight”

Sifting: “Gloom”

August Burns Red: “King of Sorrow”

10 Years: “Burnout”

Bleeding Through: “Fade Into the Ash”

Jonathan Davis: “Basic Needs”

Attila: “Still About It”

Northlane: “Heartmachine”

Selena Gomez: “Back To You”

Skyharbor: “Dim”

The Veer Union: “Save Yourself”

LSD ft. Sia, Diplo, and Labrinth: “Audio”

John Mayer: “New Light”

Sevendust: “Medicated”

Meghan Trainor: “Let You Be Right”

Charlie Puth (ft. Kehlani): “Done For Me”

Dave Matthews Band: “Samurai Cop (Oh Joy Begin)”

Tremonti: “Bringer of War”

Snakebite: “Beyond the Rust”

Graveyard: “The Fox”

Aelonia: “Zombie” (The Cranberries cover)