Album of the Week: Tremonti’s Cauterize

In case you’ve missed the fact that I’m obsessed with Mark Tremonti’s music, both with Alter Bridge and his side project ūüėȬ†Cauterize¬†is the heaviest of the Tremonti Project’s albums, so if that’s what you’re hunting for, look no further! Aside from “Fall Again,” my favorite track is “Flying Monkeys.”



Review: Tremonti’s Dust


Band: Tremonti

Album: Dust

Genre: Rock

Release Date: April 29, 2016

Standout Tracks:¬†“My Last Mistake,” “Dust,” “Tore My Heart Out,” “Never Wrong,” and “Unable to See”

Let me start by telling you that there aren’t enough adjectives in the English language to fully express how much I love this album. From the first second of “My Last Mistake” to the final moment of “Unable to See,”¬†Dust¬†is, simply put, a masterpiece.

Filled with delicious guitar licks carried by flawless drumming and bass, the work on¬†Dust¬†should satisfy even the most critical of rock fans. I can’t do this track by track or this post will be a novel, so I will address the high points, of which there are many.

The first three tracks–“My Last Mistake,” “The Cage,” and “Once Dead”–have that gritty edge I’ve come to expect from Tremonti, an edge that speaks of the fact that the band is heavily influenced by artists such as Metallica. However, as you can probably tell from my list of standout tracks, I am personally most won over by the slower, more melodic songs. ” Tore My Heart Out” and “Never Wrong” are absolutely beautiful, but it is the title track that has me hooked. With lyrics that hit deep, a guitar solo that gives me chills, and what is arguably Mark Tremonti’s strongest vocal performance ever, “Dust” is…perfect.

The album closes with “Unable to See,” which opens with a riff like a hard rock lullaby paired with more of Tremonti’s gorgeous singing and brings the listener to catharsis.

There is nothing, and I mean¬†nothing, that I don’t love about this album.¬†5/5 stars, A+, whatever rating system you use,¬†Dust¬†gets full marks. Go pick it up right now! I promise you will not regret it.