Album of the Week: The Mayfield Four’s Second Skin

Before Alter Bridge, Myles Kennedy was in a band called The Mayfield Four. I checked them out because I love all things Myles. My favorite song is “Sick and Wrong,” which comes from 2001’s Second Skin — my album of the week.


Weekly Focus: The Mayfield Four, Day One

The Mayfield Four — “Fallout,” from the Motion EP (1997).

July 2018 Album Releases (Week Three)

— 7/16 —

-MAMAMOO: Red Moon

— 7/18 —

-Maxwell Young: Daydreamer

-Triple H: REtro Futurism

— 7/19 —

-Chungha: Blooming Blue

-GFRIEND: Sunny Summer

-Johnny Rain: Idol Blue

— 7/20 —

-Andy Brown: Cedarmont

-Buddy: Harlan & Alondra

-Dave East: Karma 2

-Dead Lakes: Nothing is Sacred

-Emily Burns: Seven Scenes From the Same Summer

-Lori McKenna: The Tree

-Nef the Pharaoh: The Big Chang Theory

-Ovlov: Tru

-Punch Brothers: All Ashore

-The Internet: Hive Mind

-Trash Boat: Crown Shyness

-While She Sleeps: You Are We

-White Ring: Gate of Grief

-Wild Pink: Yolk in the Fur

-Forma: Semblance

-Skeletonwitch: Devouring Radiant Light

-Rick Astley: Beautiful Life

-Dentist: Night Swimming

-Enchant: A Blueprint of the World

-Hot Buttered Rum: Lonesome Panoramic

-Mutilation Rites: Chasm

-Negative Scanner: Nose Picker

-Scars on Broadway: Dictator

-Soul Asylum: Made To Be Broken (Reissue)

-Soul Asylum: Say What You Will… Everything Can Happen (Reissue)

New Music (6/9 — 6/15)

Trash Boat: “Old Soul”

Blacklite District: “That Time Has Come”

Waterparks: “We Need To Talk”

Redemption: “Someone Else’s Problem”

Dee Snider: “Become the Storm”

Dream Child: “Under the Wire”

Common Wealth: “Skin & Bones”

Rob Zombie/Marilyn Manson: “Helter Skelter” (The Beatles cover)

Stone Horses: “End of the World”

Estrons: “Lilac”

Powerwolf: “Incense & Iron”

Van Canto: “Melody”

Tempt: “Roses”

Soreption: “Children of the Automaton”

Thundersteel: “Armageddon Age”

Fit For a King: “The Price of Agony”

Northlane: “Vultures”

Daughters: “Satan in the Wait”

Deicide: “Excommunicated”

The Cruel Intentions: “Jawbreaker”

Meliah Rage: “Idol Hands”

Royal Hunt: “The Wishing Well”

The Amorettes: “Whatever Gets You Through the Night”

Attila: “Pizza”

Grave Digger: “Fear of the Living Dead”

Lee Aaron: “American High”

Small Town Titans: “Wreck”

Good Charlotte: “Shadowboxer”

Weekly Focus: Death Valley High, Day Seven

Death Valley High — “Warm Bodies,” from the album CVLT AS FVK (2016).

Black Veil Brides to Re-Record ‘We Stitch These Wounds’ + Three Nights at The Roxy

2019 marks the ten-year anniversary of Black Veil Brides. To commemorate this, the band plans to re-record its debut album, We Stitch These Wounds. Front man Andy Biersack told Loudwire that they didn’t feel the album was “representative, sonically, of the rest of our catalog.”

“We feel that a lot of the songs on that album are very strong, but have never been given their day in court, so to speak,” Biersack adds.

The anniversary celebration doesn’t end there. Not only is Black Veil Brides re-recording We Stitch These Wounds, they are also releasing every demo from back then and a live DVD with never-before-seen footage.

Read more details here.

In the meantime, BVB has decided to take it back to the early days of their career and play a three night run at The Roxy in West Hollywood. The shows are scheduled for Thursday, October 18th; Friday, October 19th; and Saturday, October 20th. (The last one is sold out.)

In other news, Andy will be releasing his second solo album some time in 2019, as well. It’s going to be a good year for BVB fans.

Alter Bridge Set to Release ‘Live at the Royal Albert Hall’ in September

This past October, Alter Bridge played at the Royal Albert Hall in London, accompanied by the 52-piece Parallax Orchestra. The momentous occasion was recorded and will be available everywhere as a CD/DVD combo on September 7th. You can preorder it now via Alter Bridge’s official site.

The track list is as follows:

CD 1
01 – “Slip To The Void
02 – “Addicted To Pain
03 – “Before Tomorrow Comes
04 – “The Writing On The Wall
05 – “Cry Of Achilles
06 – “In Loving Memory
07 – “Fortress
08 – “Ties That Bind
09 – “The Other Side
10 – “Brand New Start
11 – “Ghost Of Days Gone By

CD 2
12 – “The Last Hero
13 – “The End Is Here
14 – “Words Darker Than Their Wings
15 – “Waters Rising
16 – “Lover
17 – “Wonderful Life / Watch Over You
18 – “This Side Of Fate
19 – “Broken Wings
20 – “Blackbird
21 – “Open Your Eyes

01 – “Intro
02 – “Slip To The Void
03 – “Addicted To Pain
04 – “Before Tomorrow Comes
05 – “Show preparation / Interview
06 – “The Writing On The Wall
07 – “Cry Of Achilles
08 – “In Loving Memory
09 – “Fortress
10 – “The first rehearsal / Interview
11 – “Ties That Bind
12 – “The Other Side
13 – “Rehearsal reactions
14 – “Brand New Start
15 – “Ghost Of Days Gone By
16 – “Future Song Foundation / Interview
17 – “The Last Hero
18 – “The End Is Here
19 – “Rehearsal – WDTTW / Interview
20 – “Words Darker Than Their Wings
21 – “Waters Rising
22 – “Lover
23 – “Family / Interview
24 – “Wonderful Life/Watch Over You
25 – “This Side Of Fate
26 – “Fans / Interview
27 – “Broken Wings
28 – “Blackbird
29 – “Open Your Eyes
30 – “End titles / Credits

And to build even more anticipation, Alter Bridge has shared the video of “Addicted to Pain” from the DVD.

Weekly Focus: Death Valley High, Day Six

Death Valley High — “Ick Switch,” from the album CVLT AS FVK (2016).