Weekly Focus: Cradle of Filth, Day One

Cradle of Filth — “The Forest Whispers My Name,” from the album The Principle of Evil Made Flesh (1994).

Weekly Focus: Oomph!, Day Two

Oomph! — “Sex,” from the album Sperm (1994).

Playlist Challenge, Day 492

Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds — “Red Right Hand”

Album of the Week: Live’s Throwing Copper

I remember listening to Throwing Copper a lot when I was a little kid. The song “Shit Towne” never ceased to amuse me back then. Ha! But this album was my introduction to Live, as well as my brother’s, and it made fans of us both.

Playlist Challenge, Day 349

Marilyn Manson — “Lunchbox”

Playlist Challenge, Day 287

Tom Petty — “It’s Good To Be King”

When I was a little girl, this was my favorite song by Tom Petty ❤