Playlist Challenge, Day 825

Rammstein — “Du Riechst So Gut”

Weekly Focus: Oomph!, Day Three

Oomph! — “Turn The Knife,” from the album Defekt (1995).

Weekly Focus: KMFDM, Pt. II, Day One

I know I’ve featured KMFDM before, but they have had such a long career that once wasn’t enough!

KMFDM — “Search & Destroy,” from the album Nihil (1995).

Playlist Challenge, Day 179

Marilyn Manson — “Down in the Park”

Weekly Focus: Deftones, Day One

Deftones — “One Weak,” from the album Adrenaline (1995).

Weekly Focus: Collective Soul, Day Three

Definitely in my top three favorite Collective Soul songs ❤

Collective Soul — “Where the River Flows,” from the self-titled album (1995).