Weekly Focus: Genitorturers, Day Four

Genitorturers — “Razor Cuts,” from the album Sin City (1998).

Weekly Focus: Genitorturers, Day Three

Genitorturers — “One Who Feeds,” from the album Sin City (1998).

Weekly Focus: Oomph!, Day Five

Oomph! — “Zero Endorphine,” from the album Unrein (1998).

Album of the Week: Oomph’s Unrein

I discovered Oomph! when one of their videos popped up while I was watching Rammstein on YouTube. I have since delved deep into their discography and this week, I give you 1998’s Unrein as my featured album.

Weekly Focus: Kill Hannah, Day Two

Kill Hannah — “Hummingbirds the Size of Bullets,” from the album Here Are the Young Moderns (1998).

Playlist Challenge, Day 672

Marilyn Manson — “User Friendly”

Playlist Challenge, Day 555

Marilyn Manson — “The Speed of Pain”