Playlist Challenge, Day 406

My Chemical Romance — “Thank You For The Venom”


Playlist Challenge, Day 405

My Chemical Romance — “Helena”

Weekly Focus: Evestus, Day One

Evestus — “Monster,” from the album Destiny in Life (2004).

Weekly Focus: Demon Hunter, Day Two

Demon Hunter — “Not Ready to Die,” from the album Summer of Darkness (2004).

Album of the Week: Alter Bridge’s One Day Remains

I have to admit: I wasn’t impressed when I first heard “Open Your Eyes.” However, upon giving the entirety of One Day Remains a chance, I discovered that it is a very strong record from start to finish. My favorite tracks are “One Day Remains,” “Find the Real,” “In Loving Memory,” and “Shed My Skin.” Oh… and I adore “Watch Your Words.” 💜💜💜