Weekly Focus: Alter Bridge, Pt. II, Day Two

Alter Bridge — “Buried Alive,” from the album Blackbird (2007).


Playlist Challenge, Day 437

Timbaland ft. Fall Out Boy — “One & Only”

Weekly Focus: Death Valley High, Day One

Death Valley High — “Vincent Price,” from the album The Similarities of the Loveless and the Undead (2007).

Weekly Focus: Crashdïet, Day Three

Crashdïet ft. Mick Mars — “I Don’t Care,” from the The Unattractive Revolution (2007).

Album of the Week: Marilyn Manson’s Eat Me, Drink Me

Despite the fact that Tim Sköld is on this album, Eat Me, Drink Me is one of my less favored Marilyn Manson records. Perhaps it is because Sköld handles bass and guitar, John 5 having made his exit by this point, but I found the album to be lacking musically. That is not to say it’s bad; it just falls short of its predecessors.

Still, it’s Marilyn Manson and has its moments, so I have made Eat Me, Drink Me my album of the week.

Album of the Week: Paramore’s Riot!

Just thinking about “Misery Business” gives me flashbacks. Riot! was the soundtrack to a lot of good times in college.

Weekly Focus: Goon Moon, Day Seven

Goon Moon — “Built in a Bottle,” from the album Licker’s Last Leg (2007).