Weekly Focus: Julien-K, Day One

Julien-K — “Systeme de Sexe,” from the album Death to Analog (2009).

Album of the Week: Julien-K’s Death to Analog

I remember my best friend having a few Julien-K tracks on her computer years ago, but it was only recently that I heard “Systeme de Sexe” — and that was what made me choose 2009’s Death to Analog as album of the week.

Playlist Challenge, Day 826

Rammstein — “Pussy”

Playlist Challenge, Day 810

Rammstein — “Haifisch”

Playlist Challenge, Day 808

The Dead Weather — “I Cut Like a Buffalo”

Weekly Focus: Psyclon Nine, Day Five

Psyclon Nine — “Bloodwork,” from the album We the Fallen (2009).

Weekly Focus: Psyclon Nine, Day Four

Psyclon Nine — “Heartworm,” from the album We the Fallen (2009).

Album of the Week: Psyclon Nine’s We the Fallen

I discovered Psyclon Nine many moons ago, while I was in college. I used to listen to “Inri” and “Behind a Serrated Grin” every day while doing schoolwork.

Two weeks ago, I had the opportunity to meet front man Nero Bellum, who is on tour with Sköld. With any luck, I will be seeing Psyclon Nine in October. (Fingers crossed!)

Anyway, I decided to feature Psyclon Nine because they’ve been on my mind since the Sköld show, and my album of the week is 2009’s We the Fallen.