Weekly Focus: Oomph!, Pt. II, Day Four

Oomph! — “Such mich find mich,” from the album Des Wahnsinns fette Beute (2012).

Playlist Challenge, Day 848

Ludovico Technique — “Wired for Destruction”

Playlist Challenge, Day 832

Ludovico Technique — “Dead Inside” (Aesthetic Perfection remix)

Weekly Focus: Julien-K, Day Three

Julien-K — “Colorcast,” from the album We’re Here With You (2012).

Weekly Focus: Julien-K, Day Two

Julien-K — “Nights Of Future Past,” from the album We’re Here With You (2012).

Playlist Challenge, Day 827

Optic Oppression — “Big Boys Don’t Cry”

Weekly Focus: Songs About Halloween, Day Seven

Wednesday 13 — “Halloween 13-13,” from the album Spook & Destroy (2012).

And I end my list with none other than Wednesday 13, an artist who seems to eat, sleep, and breathe all things horror and Halloween.

Playlist Challenge, Day 758

Optic Oppression — “Never Look Into Their Eyes”