Album of the Week: Front Line Assembly’s Echogenetic

I had heard of Front Line Assembly before, but I never actually listened to them until recently. So far, my favorite song is “Ghosts,” from Echogenetic. That is why I chose the record as my album of the week 🙂


Weekly Focus: Psyclon Nine, Day Seven

Psyclon Nine — “Use Once and Destroy,” from the album Order of the Shadow: Act I (2013).

Weekly Focus: Psyclon Nine, Day Six

Psyclon Nine — “Glamour Through Debris,” from the album Order of the Shadow: Act I (2013).

Playlist Challenge, Day 726

Blutengel — “You Walk Away”

Album of the Week: Wednesday 13’s The Dixie Dead

I have been a fan of Wednesday 13 since his time with the Murderdolls. I was bummed when they split, but my spirits lifted upon finding out Wednesday was carrying on with a new band. I love all of their albums, and I’ll likely feature every one at some point. This week goes to 2013’s The Dixie Dead.