Weekly Focus: Strvngers, Day Four

Strvngers — “Casual Sex,” from the self-titled album (2016).


Weekly Focus: Strvngers, Day Three

Strvngers — “Stay With Me,” from the self-titled album (2016).

Weekly Focus: Strvngers, Day Two

Strvngers — “Dressed To Kill,” from the album Sonic Erotica (2016).

Weekly Focus: Strvngers, Day One

Strvngers ft. Jerrica Bradshaw — “Ghost,” from the album Sonic Erotica (2016).

Playlist Challenge, Day 544

Zakk Wylde ft. Corey Taylor — “Sleeping Dogs”

Playlist Challenge, Day 487

Lord of the Lost ft. Formalin — “Raining Stars”

Weekly Focus: Alter Bridge, Pt. II, Day Seven

Alter Bridge — “The Other Side,” from the album The Last Hero (2016).