Playlist Challenge, Day 767

Kempo Slice & Mike Bama — “GumpTown Blues”

5 Bands/Artists You Should Be Following (#21)

1. Kempo Slice

Hip hop/alternative from Alabama. For fans of Eminem, Three 6 Mafia, Logic, etc. Kempo recently released Kempin’ Ain’t Easy (download available here), and he has been hinting that new music is on the way! Check out “Gumptown Blues,” which features Mike Bama, and “They Say.”


2. Shallow Side

Rock from Alabama. For fans of Default, Tantric, Theory of a Deadman, etc. Shallow Side released their Origins EP in July and are currently touring; you can visit their Facebook for dates. Since I’ve been a fan for a while, I am going to share two of my favorites from Shallow Side: “My Addiction” and “Out of Reach.”

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3. Firmament

Progressive/alternative rock from Ohio. For fans of The Mars Volta, Coheed & Cambria, A Perfect Circle, etc. Firmament’s first full-length album, Spirit of Place, is available on such outlets as Spotify, iTunes, and Google Play. Hear “Bilateral” and “As One Watches the Rain” now!

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4. YOU!

Alternative rock/”gunk” from London. For fans of Blur, Green Day, Radiohead, etc. YOU! is booking shows and have upcoming dates in Warwickshire and Camden. Visit their official site for a full list and updates from the band. YOU! shared their first official music video for a track entitled “Selfish” back in June. Listen to it and “A Bird’s Prey” below.


5. State of Illusion

Rock music from South Carolina. For fans of Breaking Benjamin, 10 Years, Cold, etc. State of Illusion will be playing the Blue Ridge Rock Festival, which takes place Labor Day weekend. Their album Aphelion is available through the official page and most digital retailers. Check out “Blind” and “Find Yourself.”


Former Bride Release New Single, “1806,” via Soundcloud

I don’t know much about Former Bride (yet), except the front man is amazing ❤ Please take a few minutes out of your day to listen to the first track posted on Former Bride’s Soundcloud, “1806.”

Follow Former Bride on both Soundcloud and Instagram.

What I’m Listening To: Neon Coven

This could get lengthy…

Nine years ago, I went to a show in Huntsville, Alabama. The band’s playing were Within Reason and Lynam. I fell head over heels for Lynam (as many of you know, if you’ve been following me for a while).

I was super dedicated, and I saw more than 100 shows in a span of six years. In 2012, Lynam vocalist/guitarist Jacob Bunton joined the band formed by ex-Guns ‘N’ Roses drummer Steven Adler, called…Adler. He took on the role of front man. They released an album entitled Back From the Dead.

Adler was put on hiatus when Steven went back into rehab. And that pretty much brings us to the subject of this blog.

Jacob is in yet another band: Neon Coven. He’s not the front man this time, which is odd for me. Lol. However, I really like this band.

Much as with his other endeavors, the influence of 80’s music on Jacob is evident. Neon Coven is reminiscent of the electronica/new wave artists of his favored decade. (They have actually covered a Depeche Mode song.)

Perhaps my favorite thing about Neon Coven, though, is their lyrics. They have a dark edge that appeals to me — and is rather different from both Lynam and Adler.

Anyway, give Neon Coven a listen! I’m including my two favorite tracks, “Bleeding Love” and “Queen of Scars.”

Night Out

This is more or less a review of Shallow Side’s show in Madison last Friday, but it is also a personal post. I’ve been absent from the local music scene for a while and it was absolutely wonderful being back.

Unfortunately, I missed most of the opening act, a band called By All Means. What I did see, however, was really good. If you like hard rock/heavy metal, you might want to check them out.

I have been to four or five Shallow Side shows previously. I always enjoy them. An energetic performance coupled with amazing originals–and some odd but very fun covers–makes for one hell of a night. Shallow Side is better than anyone at getting an audience on its feet, except perhaps Almost Kings.

Friday was no different. The band’s set included originals such as “Stand Up,” “Out of Reach,” and “My Addiction.” I have to admit, though, that one of my favorite parts was their version of Bruno Mars’s “Uptown Funk,” with which they concluded their show. Front man Eric Boatright definitely did the track justice. It was just…magnificent. 🙂

20fyio0From left to right: drummer Heath Fields, vocalist Eric Boatright, guitarist Seth Trimble, and bassist Cody Hampton.

33xvgojBunny ears, courtesy of Seth…

2rr49l3Seth got me twice. Lol.

153ogv62zgge3nLooks like Seth tried to get me three times.