Album of the Day: Good Charlotte’s The Young and the Hopeless

I was obsessed with this album when I was in 10th grade. I loved the twins. Lol.


Album of the Day: Slash/Myles Kennedy and the Conspirators’ World on Fire

I love Slash and Myles Kennedy and the work they do together. It’s the perfect pairing ❤


Album of the Day: Black Veil Brides’ Set the World on Fire

I saw BVB on the tour for Set the World on Fire and it was great!


Album of the Day: Zeromancer’s Clone Your Lover

I love Zeromancer! Two of my favorite songs — “Clone Your Lover” and “Flirt (With Me)” — are both on this album.


Album of the Day: 3 Pill Morning’s Black Tie Love Affair

I am so excited to be seeing 3 Pill Morning with Alter Bridge in October!!!!!! Black Tie Love Affair has all of my favorite songs by 3PM ❤



Album of the Day: Bloodrock’s Bloodrock 2

Bloodrock is one of the more obscure bands my parents listen to. Mom said she was describing a song to my dad — “DOA,” incidentally — and he told her he knew it and, in fact, he had the album.


Album of the Day: Pink Floyd’s Animals

Animals will always make me think of my parents. They both love this album, and apparently, one of the cats they had when they were first married did, too. Lol.



Album of the Day: 9Electric’s Control

Okay, so technically, Control is an EP, but whatever. I saw 9Electric mentioned in connection to Gemini Syndrome and decided to check them out. I fell in love instantly.


Album of the Day: Tom Petty’s Full Moon Fever

My second favorite Tom Petty album. I used to listen to it obsessively as a kid. We only had it on vinyl, so I always had to ask one of my parents to put it on.