It’s My Birthday Week!

Time needs to slow down. I’m getting old… Lol.

Since it’s a special week, I am taking a break from blogging. The playlist challenge will continue so as not to lose count, but there will be no album of the week or featured band.

Here are some humorous tweets and memes about getting older. I hope they make you smile 🙂

Birthday Blog: Dirty Thirty

Okay, so my birthday was over two weeks ago. I debated whether or not to even post a blog, since I didn’t have a big extravagant celebration with a band. But then I thought to myself: “This year was better — in a way.”

On my actual birthday, I went to my best friends’ house. Tiffany, who is like a sister to me, fixed me breakfast for dinner. (She makes the best pancakes in the world.) She and her husband, Jerimy, gave me a Ghost tee-shirt, which I quickly changed into before settling back to watch that night’s episode of “Big Brother.”

The next day, I had the joy of seeing my Jesse. She lives in Georgia, and she left work that afternoon and drove straight to my house. My mom fed us tacos, then we watched movies until we fell asleep (The Houses October Built and Anna, for anyone wondering).

Jesse and I had adventures in Huntsville on Saturday, followed by Chinese food and ending our night at Tiffany and Jerimy’s. I was super stoked that three of my best friends were finally meeting, and they got along quite well. We sat outside, talking and catching sight of the occasional meteor from the shower taking place.

Sunday, Jesse and I literally did nothing except indulge in more movies and have a long conversation with my mom.

It may sound like a boring weekend, but for me, it was the perfect way to ring in my 30th year in this world. I missed my brother, and Heather and Chanin…and yes, it was weird not seeing Almost Kings. However, I had music, movies, three of my favorite people, my parents, and delicious food. What else does a girl really need?

Check out my fabulous gifts! The Marilyn Manson sweater was from my parents, the MM necklace was a present to myself, the Ghost shirt was from Tiff and Jerimy, and the other three items were from Jesse ❤


August 28th Birthdays


Happy birthday to Mary McCartney, Jack Black, Shania Twain, Leann Rimes, and Florence Welch!

And on a personal note, happy birthday to my friends Kristy and Jacob ❤



Happy Birthday to Me!

No, today is not my birthday. Monday was, but I wasn’t anywhere near a computer so I couldn’t blog about my absolutely amazing weekend!!!!!

Friday night, we went to see Jude Buckingham and Almost Kings. The performances were epic, as always, and Boze pulled me onstage during “Five Foot Hurricane.” Almost Kings did a few new songs (and premiered one over the club’s PA before their set) and let me just say that I already know I’m going to love the album. I didn’t get my usual post-show time with the guys because I had apparently partied a little too hard during…

Anyway, the following night, my friends threw me a little party at their house. We had breakfast for dinner–lemon poppy seed waffles, red velvet waffles, bacon, blackberry sauce, a tropical fruit compote, ham rolls, and a drink that consisted of watermelon and Malibu rum. My parents ate with us and stayed long enough to check out my gifts, then they went home and the rest of us watched lame horror movies until bedtime.

It was truly a fantastic weekend, filled with most of my favorite people, music, laughter, and love. I couldn’t have wished for a better celebration. 🙂

Photos from Friday


Tiffany fixing my hair before the show


The bestie always sends me out looking great 🙂


Ryan ❤









My Minion keychain, meant to make me feel better in the aftermath of celebration

Photos from Saturday


Ready for the party


The setup


Bacon, red velvet waffle with cream cheese icing, and a lemon poppy seed waffle with blackberry sauce


My new Minion lunchbox


My friends love to say I’m going to be a crazy cat lady…


My dad fixing Ivy’s hair. I love this picture ❤

Throwback Thursday … Not a song this time, but memories

Next week, I am going to celebrate my birthday with Almost Kings. This is becoming a tradition. I have now spent three absolutely amazing birthdays with those four crazy and wonderful guys from Atlanta. I decided for my throwback post this week I would share photos from those nights–and a video that is simultaneously embarrassing and epic 🙂

When I turned 26…

When I turned 27…


And the aforementioned video

Birthday Blog!

I am going to take a break from reviews, videos, etc., and do a post about my birthday. The topic will still be music, however, considering that the way I celebrated was back-to-back Almost Kings/Super bob shows.

My actual birthday is August 10th. As you know, that was Sunday. There is nothing to do on a Sunday. Therefore, we decided to celebrate early. August 7th, we saw Almost Kings and Super bob in Huntsville. August 8th, we saw the dynamic pairing in Birmingham.

Almost Kings killed it, as always. I don’t think I could ever be disappointed by one of their performances. There is never a dull moment. And, you know, this happened.


Adding to the excitement was the fact that these were my first two Super bob shows. I had not even heard them before this, except one song. I can’t think of anything to say about them other than OH, MY GOD! They were so great! Very high energy and more rock-oriented than Almost Kings, it didn’t take them very long to pump up the crowds. In Birmingham, I stood on one of Almost Kings’ equipment cases to see better and just let it go! I will undoubtedly be posting another blog about Super bob soon. They definitely fall into the category of “Bands You Should Know.”

I’m going to end this blog with a few pictures. Enjoy!

Me with Ryan Yunker

Me with Ryan Yunker

Jude Buckingham and AK's Bryan Bozeman

Jude Buckingham and AK’s Bryan Bozeman

Almost Kings bassist Danny Helms

Almost Kings bassist Danny Helms

Almost Kings guitarist Ryan Yunker

Almost Kings guitarist Ryan Yunker

Super bob front man Matt Santoro

Super bob front man Matt Santoro

Me with Danny and Almost Kings drummer Kevin Compton

Me with Danny and Almost Kings drummer Kevin Compton

Ryan Yunker

Ryan Yunker

Me with Matt Santoro

Me with Matt Santoro

Me with Super bob bassist Drew Recny (left) and drummer Chris Faircloth (right)

Me with Super bob bassist Drew Recny (left) and drummer Chris Faircloth (right)