New Music (7/23 — 7/29)

Hespera: “Remnants of Existence”

Oh, Weatherly: “Chasing California”

The Treatment: “Let’s Get Dirty”

Judas Priest: “No Surrender”

Springbrooke: “End of the Line”

Beartooth: “Disease”

Set It Off: “Killer in the Mirror”

Aesthetic Perfection ft. Nikki Misery: “Bye Bye Bye” (NSYNC cover)

Fozzy: “Burn Me Out”

Slash ft. Myles Kennedy & the Conspirators: “Driving Rain”

Unearthly Trance: “Mechanism Error”

Psychostick: “You Can (Maybe) Do It”

Make Them Suffer: “27”

Opia: “Ascend”

New Years Day: “Disgust Me”

Doro ft. Johan Hegg: “If I Can’t Have You, No One Will”

Graham Bonnet Band: “Livin’ in Suspicion”

Bobaflex: “Off With Your Head”

Metal Allegiance: “Voodoo of the Godsend”

Conan: “Vexxagon”

Crossfaith: “Catastrophe”

Hands Like Houses: “Overthinking”

Vista: “Witch Hunt”

Monster Truck: “Evolution”

Vherbal ft. Brett Carlisle: “Inside My Walls”

Let’s Talk Covers (Pt. 11)

1. Bobaflex: “Hey You” (Pink Floyd cover)

Okay, I love Pink Floyd, and Bobaflex totally does them justice. This version of “Hey You” stays true to the original while also having that Bobaflex edge. ❤

2. Marilyn Manson: “Tainted Love” (Soft Cell cover)

3. Almost Kings: “So Sophisticated” (Rick Ross cover)

Let’s Talk Covers (Pt. 2)

Just a few more of my favorite covers. 🙂

1. Dope: “You Spin Me Round (Like a Record)”

2. Marilyn Manson: “Sweet Dreams”

3. Bobaflex: “Sound of Silence”

Did y’all know there was another version? Well, now you do.