Weekly Focus: Pink Floyd, Day Seven

Pink Floyd — “Wish You Were Here,” from the album Wish You Were Here (1975).

Weekly Focus: Pink Floyd, Day Six

Pink Floyd — “High Hopes,” from the album The Division Bell (1994).

Weekly Focus: Pink Floyd, Day Five

My other favorite Pink Floyd song. Lol.

Pink Floyd — “Young Lust,” from the album The Wall (1982).

Weekly Focus: Pink Floyd, Day Four

My favorite Pink Floyd song ❤

Pink Floyd — “Comfortably Numb,” from the album The Wall (1982).

Weekly Focus: Pink Floyd, Day Three

Pink Floyd — “Time,” from the album Dark Side of the Moon (1973).

Weekly Focus: Pink Floyd, Day Two

Pink Floyd — “Money,” from the album Dark Side of the Moon (1973).

Album of the Week: Pink Floyd’s Wish You Were Here

My mom’s favorite Pink Floyd album ❤


Weekly Focus: Pink Floyd, Day One

This is one of my favorite Pink Floyd songs, and I’m a huge fan, so that’s saying something ❤

Pink Floyd — “Learning to Fly,” from the album A Momentary Lapse of Reason (1987).

Album of the Day: Pink Floyd’s Animals

Animals will always make me think of my parents. They both love this album, and apparently, one of the cats they had when they were first married did, too. Lol.



Song of the Week: “Welcome to the Machine”

Okay, so I’m a mildly obsessed Pink Floyd fan. I have loved them ever since I can remember (thanks to my parents). In honor of the fact that it has been 30 years since Pink Floyd released Wish You Were Here, which happens to be my second favorite album by them, I’m posting this as my song of the week. 🙂

Pink Floyd — “Welcome to the Machine,” from the album Wish You Were Here (1975).