New Music (9/2 — 9/8)

Boze: “Coming For It All”

Pretty Maids: “Serpentine”

Amaranthe: “Helix”

Adam Lambert: “Superpower”

Pink Fly: “Peachy”

Nomy: “I gave you everything”

Despised Icon: “Purgatory”

INCHAOS: “You And Me”

Wage War: “Grave”

Sleeping With Sirens: “How It Feels To Be Lost”

Don Broco: “Action”

Of Mice & Men: “Taste Of Regret”

Greta Van Fleet: “Always There”

Airbourne: “Boneshaker”

Borknagar: “Up North”

Michael Sweet ft. Ethan Brosh: “Shine”

Rob Halford: “Donner and Blitzen”

Nile: “Long Shadows of Dread”

Tom Keifer: “Touching The Divine”

Fozzy: “Nowhere To Run”

M83: “Temple Of Sorrow”

Bombay Bicycle Club: “Eat, Sleep, Wake (Nothing But You)”

Death Cab for Cutie: “Blue Bloods”

Shakespears Sister ft. Richard Hawley: “When She Finds You”

Dead/Awake ft. Aidan Holmes: “F(R)IENDS”

The Agonist: “As One We Survive”

Infected Rain: “Storm”

Hideous Divinity: “The Embalmer”

MUNA: “Taken”

Chelsea Wolfe: “Deranged for Rock & Roll”

New Music (5/20 — 5/26)

Starbreaker ft. Tony Harnell & Magnus Karlsson: “How Many More Goodbyes”

Russian Circles: “Arluck”

Pink Fly: “Happy”

Jorn: “Stormcrow” (Live Video)

Vampire Weekend: “This Life”

The Lumineers: “Donna” (Part 1 of 10)

Two Door Cinema Club: “Dirty Air”

Flying Lotus ft. Denzel Curry: “Black Balloons Reprise”

Fit For A King: “When Everything Means Nothing”

Shokran: “Golden Pendant”

Killstation: “Sarcoma”

Pouya: “Void”

Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes: “Kitty Sucker”

Justin Stone: “Homecoming”

The Lumineers: “Life in the City” (Part 2 of 10)

Organectomy: “Antithetical”

Famous Last Words: “Broken Glass”

Skating Polly: “Flyer”

Space Of Variations: “F*ck This Place Up”

Exumer: “King’s End”

Spread Eagle: “Sound Of Speed”

The 69 Eyes: “27 & Done”

Heart Of A Coward: “Ritual”

Knocked Loose: “…And Still I Wander South”

Waterparks: “Turbulent”

Don Broco: “Half Man, Half God”

Pelican: “Cold Hope”

Hate: “Seventh Manvantara”

Hell & Hollar: “Showdown”

Easy Life: “Sunday”

Diamond Head: “The Coffin Train”

Black Star Riders: “Another State Of Grace”

Afire: “The One To Take The Fall”

Deviloof: “Dusky-Vision”

SynthAttack: “Enjoy the Pain”

Born of Osiris: “Under the Gun”

Diviner: “Beyond The Border”

February 2018 Album Releases

Get your wallets ready… 🎶

(I will warn you, this list may not be comprehensive. If I’ve missed anything, feel free to comment and let me know.)

  • Twin Peaks: Sweet ’17 Singles (2/9)
  • Rhye: Blood (2/2)
  • Death and Vanilla: The Tenant (2/2)
  • The Soft Moon: Criminal (2/2)
  • Sunflowers: Castle Spell (2/9)
  • US Girls: In a Poem Unlimited (2/16)
  • BB and the Blips: Demo (2/1)
  • The Outfit: The Outfit (2/2)
  • Anna Burch: Quit the Curse (2/2)
  • Rae Morris: Someone Out There (2/2)
  • Loma: Loma (2/16)
  • Claudio PRC: TGP 012 (TBA)
  • Rich Brian: Amen (2/2)
  • Steve Reich: Pulse/Quartet (2/2)
  • AwolNation: Here Come the Runts (2/2)
  • Bat Fangs: Bat Fangs (2/2)
  • Rick Ross: Port of Miami 2, Born to Kill (2/2)
  • Loretta Lynn: Wouldn’t It Be Great? (2/2)
  • Kyle Craft: Full Circle Nightmare (2/2)
  • Young Echo: Young Echo (2/2)
  • Justin Timberlake: Man of the Woods (2/2)
  • Simple Minds: Walk Between Worlds (2/2)
  • Toto: Greatest Hits, 40 Trips Around the Sun (2/9)
  • Fifty Shades Freed soundtrack (2/9)
  • Franz Ferdinand: Always Ascending (2/9)
  • Fu Manchu: Clone of the Universe (2/9)
  • MGMT: Little Dark Age (2/9)
  • Black Panther soundtrack (2/9)
  • Chemtrails: Calf of the Sacred Cow (2/9)
  • Pop Evil: Pop Evil (2/16)
  • Ride: Tomorrow’s Shore (2/16)
  • American Nightmare: American Nightmare (2/16)
  • Geowulf: Great Big Blue (2/16)
  • Brandi Carlile: By the Way, I Forgive You (2/16)
  • Escape the Fate: I Am Human (2/16)
  • Turbonegro: RockNRoll Machine (2/20)
  • Deströyer 666: Call of the Wild (2/23)
  • Caroline Rose: Loner (2/23)
  • The Skull Defekts: The Skull Defects (2/23)
  • Riff Raff: Cool Blue Jewels (2/9)
  • Nipsey Hussle: Victory Lap (2/16)
  • Black Milk: Fever (2/23)
  • Don Broco: Technology (2/2)
  • Saxon: Thunderbolt (2/2)
  • Dashboard Confessional: Crooked Shadows (2/9)
  • Senses Fail: If There is Light, It Will Find You (2/16)
  • Vance Joy: Nation of Two (2/23)
  • Shannon Noll: Unbroken (2/2)
  • Genocide Pact: Order of Torment (2/2)
  • Harm’s Way: Post Human (2/9)
  • Social Club Misfits: Into the Night (2/9)
  • Slaves: Beautiful Death (2/16)
  • Red River Dialect: Broken Stay, Open Sky (2/2)