Playlist Challenge, Day 69

Almost Kings — “Bounce”

Happy Birthday, Almost Kings!

In honor of Almost Kings’ eighth birthday, I’m just gonna post a blog of their videos. 🙂 If you don’t already know who AK is, check out the Bands You Should Know I wrote and the interview I did.

Edit: By the way, the new album, The Re-Introduction, will be available for download on iTunes January 12th and released worldwide on January 26th.

Another Night With [Almost] Royalty

By this point, y’all know how much I love Almost Kings and you’ve either checked them out or you haven’t. So this blog is simply going to be a lot of pictures, and a video, from this past weekend. 🙂 Enjoy!

Watch this video first. Trust me. It will change your life. Oh, and this one, too.


Ryan and Danny




These Self-Proclaimed Princes

Last Thursday, I went to see Almost Kings in Madison. Insert everything I’ve ever said about them into this post and you will be able to almost imagine how epic my night was.

I will never get over this band. I’m impressed by the fact that these four men give 200% at every show, both on and off the stage. They are the kindest, most wonderful and talented people, and I hope they know how much happiness they have brought to my life. Seriously, I can’t say it enough: if you ever have a chance to see them, take it! You won’t regret it!

Melia's Stuff 326

Ryan and Danny

Melia's Stuff 329

Melia's Stuff 324


Melia's Stuff 332

Melia's Stuff 335


Melia's Stuff 343

Jude and Boze

Melia's Stuff 342


Melia's Stuff 340 Melia's Stuff 341

Song of the Week: “Bounce”

Since I’m going to see them tomorrow, I decided to honor Almost Kings in this post. Although, actually, I don’t need an excuse to honor them…I love them so much that their songs are pretty much always a top pick ❤

Almost Kings — “Bounce,” from the album Filthy Nice (2009).

Song of the Week: “Unstoppable”

In early 2013, I saw Almost Kings open for Sevendust. They ended their set with this track and front man Bryan Bozeman dedicated it to the Alabama Crimson Tide, who had defeated Notre Dame in January for the national title. I think it is fitting that this song again be applied to the Tide after their performance on Saturday against Missouri. Congratulations to the 2014 SEC Champions!!!!!

Almost Kings – “Unstoppable,” from the album Filthy Nice (2009).

Song of the Week: “Five Foot Hurricane”

My song of the week is again from Almost Kings and naturally, the video I chose is the one from this past week when I was celebrating my birthday and vocalist Bryan Bozeman pulled me onstage. The band and my friends made my weekend one to remember!

Almost Kings–“Five Foot Hurricane,” from the album Filthy Nice (2009).