Weekly Focus: The Relentless, Day Two

My favorite ❤

The Relentless — “Me Against the Devil,” from the American Satan soundtrack (2017).

Album of the Week: The American Satan soundtrack

The American Satan soundtrack is so ridiculously good! Seriously, I need The Relentless to actually tour. Lol. I would go see them in a heartbeat!

Weekly Focus: The Relentless, Day One

Yes, I am featuring a fictional band. Lol. I love this movie, and I love the original music in it!

The Relentless — “Let Him Burn,” from the American Satan soundtrack (2017).

Let’s Talk Covers (American Satan edition)

1. The Relentless: “Personal Jesus” (Depeche Mode cover)

2. The Relentless: “Nights in White Satin” (The Moody Blues cover)

3. The Relentless: “Hey Hey, My My” (Neil Young/Crazy Horse cover)

Movies That Rock: Still Crazy


Still Crazy was released in 1998 and follows the story of a band called Strange Fruit, who was famous in the seventies that is trying to make a comeback twenty years later.

During their prime, the band lived the rock & roll lifestyle to the max–groupies, drugs, etc. The band met its end at a huge outdoor festival, when lightning struck the stage. At that point, the members decided to call it quits. Twenty years later, the idea of a reunion tour occurs to former keyboard player Tony. He sets out to find his band mates with the help of their original manager Karen.

The rest of the movie is dedicated to the reunion tour and all that happens along the way. It is a brilliantly done movie and has everything you could ever want from a film: humor, drama, excitement, and even a few tear-inducing moments. With a wonderful cast that includes Bill Nighy, Stephen Rea, Bill Connolly, and Juliet Aubrey, this is definitely a must-see.

My favorite thing about the movie is Bill Nighy. He plays the part of Ray Simms, who took over for the original front man, Keith Lovell, when he died of an overdose. He does a wonderful job of portraying the uncertainty of a man twenty years older that has lost the arrogance of the youthful rock star and is now used to his home comforts and being taken care of by his wife. He is absolutely hilarious. On his merit alone, I would grant the movie five stars out of five. Add in everything else, and I would give it a rating of 7.5 out of 5. It is seriously that great.

If you ever find it on television, or Netflix, check it out. You will not regret it.