Weekly Focus: Songs About Halloween, Day Seven

Wednesday 13 — “Halloween 13-13,” from the album Spook & Destroy (2012).

And I end my list with none other than Wednesday 13, an artist who seems to eat, sleep, and breathe all things horror and Halloween.

Album of the Week: Wednesday 13’s The Dixie Dead

I have been a fan of Wednesday 13 since his time with the Murderdolls. I was bummed when they split, but my spirits lifted upon finding out Wednesday was carrying on with a new band. I love all of their albums, and I’ll likely feature every one at some point. This week goes to 2013’s The Dixie Dead.

Weekly Focus: Wednesday 13, Day Seven

Wednesday 13 — “Come Out and Plague,” from the album Monsters of the Universe: Come Out and Plague (2015).

Weekly Focus: Wednesday 13, Day Six

Wednesday 13 — “Hands of the Ripper,” from the album The Dixie Dead (2013).

Weekly Focus: Wednesday 13, Day Five

Wednesday 13 — “Ghoul Of My Dreams,” from the album Calling All Corpses (2011).

Weekly Focus: Wednesday 13, Day Four

Wednesday 13 — “No Rabbit in the Hat,” from the album Skeletons (2008).

Weekly Focus: Wednesday 13, Day Three

Wednesday 13 — “Return of the Living Dead,” from the Bloodwork EP (2008).

Weekly Focus: Wednesday 13, Day Two

Wednesday 13 — “American Werewolves in London,” from the album Fang Bang (2006).

Weekly Focus: Wednesday 13, Day One

Wednesday 13 — “Haunt Me,” from the album Transylvania 90210: Songs of Death, Dying, and the Dead (2005).

Album of the Week — Wednesday 13’s Transylvania 90210: Songs of Death, Dying, and the Dead

My best friend Tiffany and I were huge fans of The Murderdolls, so it made perfect sense to follow Wednesday on his solo endeavor. I remember Tiff’s mom taking us to buy Transylvania 90210: Songs of Death, Dying, and the Dead when it was released ❤