5 Bands/Artists You Should Be Following (#7)

This installment could get rather lengthy. I saw three of the featured bands a few weeks ago, so I have a lot to say.

1. Locust Grove

A hard rock band from Oklahoma. These guys put on a kick ass live show, and they mean it when they say they’re bringing heavy guitar riffs back to rock. Lots of hair, gritty yet melodic vocals, and riffs reminiscent of Five Finger Death Punch, Sevendust, etc., Locust Grove could easily be your new favorite band. Check out the tracks “Monster” and “Menace of Society” below.


2. Joyous Wolf

A rock band from California. These guys have been setting the world on fire this spring, being signed to a major label and playing such festivals as Carolina Rebellion and Rocklahoma. Joyous Wolf puts on one of the most energetic performances I’ve ever seen, in addition to their raw talent. I will not compare them to anyone else, but I will tell you they blend rock-n-roll, blues, and southern rock masterfully. The guys have currently left the road to record their first album. Here’s a taste of what you can expect.


3. Blacktop Mojo

A hard rock/Southern rock band from Texas. You may have heard their cover of Aerosmith’s “Dream On,” thanks to Sirius XM Octane. Blacktop Mojo employs all the best elements of classic rock, rock-n-roll, and Southern rock to bring fans a sound that is pure joy to the ears. They put on a fantastic show, doing whatever it takes and giving 110% every time. It’s no wonder they have already cultivated quite the following. You can look at their tour dates on Facebook…and if you’re going to Louder Than Life in September, you will see them there!

4. Icon For Hire

A pop/rock/alternative band from Tennessee. For fans of Paramore, Pink, PVRIS, etc. Icon For Hire just finished a spring tour. Listen to them below and keep your eyes open for updates/announcements!

5. Dead Like Juliet

A hard rock/metal band from Italy. For fans of Bring Me the Horizon, The Amity Affliction, early Asking Alexandria, etc. You can get Dead Like Juliet’s latest album, Stranger Shores, now! Here is the most recent single, “Unwanted.”

And just because I like it…


5 Bands/Artists You Should Be Following [Week Three]

This has been going well 🙂 Week three features bands I found on Facebook!

1. Dead Letters

A dark rock/gothic metal band from Chile. You can check out their Left Unsaid EP on Spotify. “Anthem For a Broken Heart” was the first song I listened to, so here:


2. Heartbreak Heroes

A rock/alternative band from Oklahoma. You can find their EP, The Singles, on iTunes, Google Play, and Spotify. To get you started, here is the official live video for “Sold Me Out.”


3. Kelen Heller

A rock/metal band from South Carolina. Musically evolving with each release, and really great live performers, KH should definitely be added to your music library!


4. Small Town Titans

A hard rock band from Pennsylvania. An act that is constantly creating new music. Give this dirty rock power trio a listen and a follow! Kick off your familiarity with “Dragonfly.”


5. The Dirty Reckless

“Blue collar sleaze” from Texas. If you like dirty rock & roll, this is the band for you. Search on YouTube for more covers.