Playlist Challenge, Day 591

Emilie Autumn — “Thank God I’m Pretty”

Playlist Challenge, Day 318

Emilie Autumn — “Liar” (Machine Mix by Dope Stars Inc.)

Playlist Challenge, Day 239

Emilie Autumn — “Gothic Lolita”

Weekly Focus: Emilie Autumn, Day Five

Emilie Autumn — “Marry Me,” from the album Opheliac (2006).

Weekly Focus: Emilie Autumn, Day Four

Emilie Autumn — “Swallow,” from the album Opheliac (2006).

Album of the Week: Emilie Autumn’s Opheliac

I’ve had a remix of “Liar” on a CD since forever, but I have only now really begun listening to Emilie Autumn. So far, Opheliac is my favorite of the albums, and the title track is my favorite song.