Playlist Challenge, Day 572

The Beatles — “Strawberry Fields Forever”

Playlist Challenge, Day 535

Paul McCartney & Wings — “Silly Love Songs”

September 2018 Album Releases (Week One)

— 9/1 —

-Miazma: Shattered

-Projeto Trator: Humanofobia

-The Woolen Men: Post

— 9/4 —

-Sunmi: Warning

-Possible Space: Under the Streets

— 9/5 —

-Roy of the Ravers: Who Are Ya?

— 9/7 —

-Amnesia Scanner: Another Life

-Spiritualized: And Nothing Hurt

-Adult: This Behavior

-JEFF the Brotherhood: Magick Songs

-The Molochs: Flowers in the Spring

-Kandace Springs: Indigo

-Ava Luna: Moon 2

-Ghostland Observatory: See You Later Simulator

-Ruston Kelly: Dying Star

-Dead Now: Dead Now

-Teleman: Family of Aliens

-Boston Manor: Welcome to the Neighbourhood

-Paul McCartney: Egypt Station

-Estelle: Lover’s Rock

-Mothers: Render Another Ugly Method

-Clutch: Book of Bad Decisions

-Swamp Dogg: Love, Loss, and Auto-Tune

-Rudimental: Toast to Our Differences

-Lenny Kravitz: Raise Vibration

-$uicideboy$: I Want to Die in New Orleans

-Cauldron: New Gods

-Spirit Fest: Anohito

-Menace Beach: Black Rainbow Sound

-Monstrosity: The Passage of Existence

-Suicidal Tendencies: STill Cyco Punk After All These Years

-Paul Simon: In the Blue Light

-St. Paul & the Broken Bones: Young Sick Camellia

-The Blaze: Dancehall

-Super City: Sanctuary

-Macy Gray: Ruby

-Pig Destroyer: Head Cage

-Chic: It’s About Time

-Everlast: Whitey Ford’s House of Pain

-Alter Bridge: Live at the Royal Albert Hall

-Ben Fisher: Does the Land Remember Me?

-Downpour: Downpour

-Jesse and the Dandelions: Give Up the Gold

-KINGCROW: The Persistence

-LA CHNGA: Beyond the Sky

-Morne: To the Night Unknown

-Nashville Pussy: Pleased to Eat You

-Russ: Zoo

-Seasaw: Big Dogs

-Sister Hazel: Wind EP

-Skyharbor: Sunshine Dust

-Stoned Jesus: Pilgrims

Playlist Challenge, Day 456

The Beatles — “Penny Lane”