New Music (3/25 — 3/31)

9Electric ft. Carla Harvey: “The Light”

Hollow Humanity ft. Felipe (Brothers Till We Die): “Ad Verecundiam”

AViVA: “Rabbit Hole”

Rammstein: “Deutschland”

Kid Bookie/Corey Taylor: “Stuck In My Ways”

Joyous Wolf: “Quiet Heart”

Joyous Wolf: “Place In Time”

Queensryche: “Light-years”

Ablaze: “Long Way Home”

Crazy Lixx: “Break Out”

Bleed the Sky: “Quiet Here”

Exumer: “King’s End”

Fortune: “Freedom Road”

The Slumdogs: “Monsters”

The Brink: “Save Goodbye”

Skiver: “No Goodbyes”

LA Guns: “The Devil You Know”

Halestorm: “Vicious”

The Quireboys: “Seven Deadly Sins”

Beauty In Chaos ft. Dug Pinnick, Zakk Wylde, and Ice-T: “Unnatural Disaster

Andy Black: “The Promise”

Truth Corroded: “Open Eyes and Willing Hands”

Exxocet: “Alive”

Dead Coyotes: “Sweethead”

Within Sight: “Save This Life”

At My Mercy: “Fix”

New Music (2/25 — 3/3)

Terrorbyte: “Worldstar”

Saint Vitus: “12 Years in the Tomb”

Pig Destroyer: “The Cavalry”

Brick By Brick ft. Tony Foresta: “Bar Is Open”

Windhand: “First To Die”

After the Burial: “Behold the Crown”

I Prevail: “Bow Down”

I Prevail: “Breaking Down”

Letters From Jett: “Never Get Lost”

New Years Day: “Shut Up”

The Brink: “Break These Chains”

Queensryche: “Blood of the Levant”

Deafheaven: “Black Brick”

Demon Hunter: “Ash”

ZFG: “Special”

Brutus: “Cemetery”

Periphery: “Garden in the Bones”

Blessing A Curse: “Rat Race”

Don’t Believe in Ghosts: “Don’t Wake Me Up”

Charles X: “Blood Money”

Jonas Brothers: “Sucker”

Morrissey: “It’s Over”

Kempo Slice: “Gotta Blast”

New Music (1/7 — 1/13)

Downfall of Gaia: “We Pursue the Serpent of Time”

Aftermath: “FFF (FalseFlagFlying)”

Behemoth: “Ecclesia Diabolica Catholica”

Madame Mayhem: “Broken”

Mark Morton ft. Chester Bennington: “Cross Off”

Pretty Maids: “Bull’s Eye”

Flotsam and Jetsam: “Control”

Between Kings: “When We Were Kids”

Another Day’s Armor: “Won’t Stop Me”

Candlemass ft. Tony Iommi: “Astorolus — The Great Octopus”

Kane Roberts ft. Nita Strauss and Kip Winger: “King of the World”

Beast in Black: “Die By The Blade”

At the Gates: “The Mirror Black”

Dream Theater: “Fall Into the Light”

Cane Hill: “86d — No Escort”

Queensryche: “Dark Reverie”

In Flames: “I, The Mask”

Jinjer: “Perennial”

Ron Keel Band: “Road Ready”

New Music (11/12 — 11/18)

Slash ft. Myles Kennedy & The Conspirators: “Mind Your Manners”

Puppy: “World Stands Still”

Trophy Eyes: “Lavender Bay”

Warkings: “Sparta”

Jason Becker: “Hold On To Love”

Blade Killer: “Midnight Sinner”

Nita Strauss: “Mariana Trench”

Dangerous Curves: “I Need Lovin'”

Queensryche: “Man The Machine”

Metal Church: “By The Numbers”

Badflower: “x ANA x”

Radkey: “Junes”

Gerard Way: “Getting Down The Germs”

Papa Roach: “Not the Only One”

Plastic Tears: “Day by Day”

Unearth: “One With the Sun”

Foreword: “Roman Curse”