Ben Bruce Appreciation Post

Sometimes I fan-girl, okay? 😉

Ben Bruce is the lead guitarist for Asking Alexandria. He also plays Leo Donovan in American Satan (sorry, I am obsessed with that movie). And he happens to be adorable… sexy… whatever…

Still not convinced? Visit his Instagram. His hashtags are the best; I live for them. 😍❤

This Made My Heart Happy

So yeah, this is a bit random, but I totally just had a moment when I checked my email. I posted the pictures of me with Mark Tremonti and Eric Friedman to Twitter…and both men replied to my tweets!!!!!



I know Mark is actually responsible for his own account, and I figure Eric is too, which makes this even better, of course.

Just wanted to share my happiness with y’all. 🙂 I hope if you’re reading this that you are having an equally wonderful day!

Shaman’s Harvest, Tremonti, and Black Stone Cherry — A Night to Remember

Last Thursday, I went to see Shaman’s Harvest, Tremonti, and Black Stone Cherry in Birmingham. I’m not even going to try to explain how amazing the show was. Just…if you ever get the chance to see any of these bands, GO!!!!!!!!

After their set, Tremonti did a meet & greet at their merch table. Unfortunately, they were supposed to be out when Black Stone Cherry took the stage. They didn’t leave at the appointed time; however, we were ONE person away from them when security told them they had to go to the bus. No lie, I almost burst into tears. I love Mark Tremonti and I’ve wanted to meet him for a while and I was SO close…

While I was still struggling not to cry, a guy we’d been talking to before the show walked up. His name was Wade and he had tweeted Mark earlier in the week, asking if he would play his PRS at the show–and Mark said yes. He played the guy’s guitar for one song and announced to the crowd that it was Wade’s. (Legit, right?????) So Wade looks at me and asks if I got to meet Mark. I replied no and explained what happened. “Well,” Wade says, “you’d probably have luck if you went to the buses. They’re right around the corner. If Mark sees you out there, he’ll definitely talk to you. He’s a really cool guy.”

Second chances, for the win!!!!!!!!

My brother decided to stay inside and watch Black Stone Cherry because A) he’d never seen them before, and B) he didn’t believe that I’d have any luck outside.

I went out there. I found the buses. I froze my ass off for about twenty minutes, jumping every time a door opened. Finally, finally, the door to the venue opens and I glance up and I see him. Mark fucking Tremonti, carrying a guitar and looking like the most gorgeous thing I’ve ever laid eyes on. I very softly called “Mark?” He looked straight at me and I waved and he waved back and I said “Can I…? Can I climb over the barrier?” And he said “Yeah. Come on.”


I trampled some flowers to get to him. Lol. He tried to shake my hand and I threw my arms around his middle and hugged him and it was so glorious. I lamented the fact that there was no one there to take a picture and he goes “It’s okay. We can selfie it.”


Sorry it’s so blurry, but the only lighting back there were the streetlamps.

We talked for about twenty minutes, then I asked for another picture, closer to the light this time. Instead, we grabbed some guy who was beside Black Stone Cherry’s bus and we got these.


I joked we were going to have about twenty pictures together and he assured me it was fine and waited for me to make sure I was happy with them. ❤

My brother came outside after that, because I texted him and told him that Mark Tremonti said hello (which he did), but Mark was already on the bus and he never came back off. We did meet three members of Black Stone Cherry and two more members of Tremonti, though.

Black Stone Cherry



Eric [Tremonti]


Tanner [Tremonti]


These Pictures Makes Me Smile

Yeah…that’s Jacob Lynam. I realized I hadn’t previously mentioned this show, which happened back in October. I don’t think there’s much to say about it, though, because this picture explains without words how the night went.

Oh, wait, and then there’s this one:

That totally earns another heart.

I guess I created this post for no other reason than to make up for not blogging last week.