New Music (2/11 — 2/17)

Pop Evil: “Be Legendary”

Last in Line: “Blackout the Sun”

Inter Arma: “Citadel”

Whitesnake: “Shut Up and Kiss Me”

Lizzy Borden: “Obsessed With You”

De La Muerte: “Heart of Stone”

Alexisonfire: “Familiar Drugs”

Immortal Guardian: “Stardust”

Of Mice & Men: “How To Survive”

Andy Black: “Westwood Road”

Clutch: “Ghoul Wrangler”

Spirits of Fire: “It’s Everywhere”

Spotlights: “The Age of Decay”

Jenny Teator: “Surrender”

East of the Wall: “Clapping on the Ones and Threes”

Slash ft. Myles Kennedy & the Conspirators: “The Call of the Wild”

New Music (1/14 — 1/20)

The Raven Age: “Fleur de lis”

Spirits of Fire: “Stand and Fight”

Whitechapel: “Third Depth”

Drag Me Out: “I’m Sorry”

Last in Line: “Year of the Gun”

Amoura: “Back Then”

Blacktop Mojo: “Prodigal”

The Maine: “Numb Without You”

Black Therapy: “Dreaming”

Ill Niño: “Sangre”

Inglorious: “I Don’t Know You”

Tora Tora: “Silence the Sirens”

Jorn: “Make Your Engine Scream”

Bloodywood: “Endurant”

Dead Lover: “Heart Attack”

Dawn of Ashes: “The Serpents of Eden”

FIRA: “beLIEve”