Weekly Focus: Projected, Day Seven


Projected — “Closure,” from the album Human (2012).

By the way, Projected has a new album being released later this year entitled Ignite My Insanity. If you’re interested, hit up the band’s Twitter or Instagram for the link to preorder the record. 🙂

Weekly Focus: Projected, Day Six

Projected — “Stella,” from the album Human (2012).

Album of the Week: Projected’s Human

I feel totally oblivious, considering how much I love Alter Bridge and Tremonti, but I just discovered Projected. If you don’t know, this is a super group that consists of Alter Bridge drummer Scott Phillips, Tremonti guitarist Eric Friedman, and Sevendust’s John Connolly and Vinnie Hornsby. Human is their debut record, and it was released in 2012.


Weekly Focus: Projected, Day One

Projected — “Strumming Chords,” from the album Between the Lines (2011).

This Made My Heart Happy

So yeah, this is a bit random, but I totally just had a moment when I checked my email. I posted the pictures of me with Mark Tremonti and Eric Friedman to Twitter…and both men replied to my tweets!!!!!



I know Mark is actually responsible for his own account, and I figure Eric is too, which makes this even better, of course.

Just wanted to share my happiness with y’all. 🙂 I hope if you’re reading this that you are having an equally wonderful day!