Playlist Challenge, Day 827

Optic Oppression — “Big Boys Don’t Cry”

Playlist Challenge, Day 825

Rammstein — “Du Riechst So Gut”

Optic Oppression Share First Track From Upcoming Album (via Side-Line)

Optic Oppression, the electro-industrial-synth rock band I’ve been raving about since July, is releasing their first full-length LP on November 29th. The album, entitled Halfway to Hell, is available for pre-save on Spotify. (If you choose to do this, you will receive the digital rewards package, which includes behind-the-scenes videos and high resolution artwork.)

This morning, Side-Line offered readers the premiere of the first single from Halfway to Hell, a song called “Revolution.” Check it out here.

For more Optic Oppression goodness, visit the band’s official site, Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube.

Playlist Challenge, Day 758

Optic Oppression — “Never Look Into Their Eyes”

Bands You Should Know: Optic Oppression

I went to see Sköld in Atlanta last Sunday. Their opening acts were Optic Oppression and Echo Black. Both bands deserve to be gushed over, but this post is for Optic Oppression.

I didn’t have the chance to check out Optic Oppression prior to the show (because I fail at life). However, one song into their set, I was already sold. The band was highly energetic and as interactive as possible. Front man Kendall Cage was an absolutely mesmerizing performer. My mom was with me and as far as she was concerned, Kendall stole the show. I had the chance to speak to all three of the members throughout the night and they were very gracious, which is always a plus.

Pairing mostly clean vocals with a mix of electronic rock, synth rock, and industrial rock/metal, Optic Oppression has a sound reminiscent of Godhead, Orgy, and the earlier incarnations of Finger Eleven and Marilyn Manson. There is also a hint of Deftones and Crosses in some cases, the music having that moody, dark, slightly surreal vibe that I adore.

I am still familiarizing myself with Optic Oppression, but I can say with certainty that they are one of my new favorite bands. My fingers are crossed that they will play relatively close by again. If you ever find them listed on a bill, get your ass to that show! Don’t be like me, though: go ahead and listen to them right now.

Below, I am sharing three of the tracks that have stood out to me (so far). Be sure to head over to their official site, where you can score a free download of their Find a Way EP, and like/follow them on Facebook, Instagram, Apple Music, etc.

“Sparks 3.33”

“Big Boys Don’t Cry”

“Broken Doll”

5 Bands/Artists You Should Be Following (#29)

1. Dyne Side

Alternative post-hardcore from Florida. For fans of Bring Me the Horizon, At the Drive-In, Armor For Sleep, etc. Dyne Side is currently booking shows for the summer. Here is their latest single, “Sink or Swim.”


2. Akadia

Steampunk rock from Louisiana. For fans of Hinder, Seether, 12 Stones, etc. Akadia has a headlining show on May 25th at Southport Hall in NOLA. Check out “Turn Away.”


3. The Amatory Murder

Alternative rock from the East Coast/NYC. For fans of Sisters of Mercy, The Birthday Massacre, Joy Division, etc. The Amatory Murder has a few shows lined up (you can find the dates here), and they will be doing a new stage show! Listen to “U & I” now!


4. The Spacesuit Junkies

Urban House Music from Georgia. For fans of Bastille, The Chainsmokers, Akon, etc. The Spacesuit Junkies are hard at work building their brand, and they have promised more to come in 2019.

“It’s Your Life”


5. The Royal

Melodic metalcore from The Netherlands. For fans of August Burns Red, Northlane, Parkway Drive, etc. The Royal just released Deathwatch in March and will be touring in support of the album throughout the year! You can purchase the record here.



What I’m Listening To: Neon Coven

This could get lengthy…

Nine years ago, I went to a show in Huntsville, Alabama. The band’s playing were Within Reason and Lynam. I fell head over heels for Lynam (as many of you know, if you’ve been following me for a while).

I was super dedicated, and I saw more than 100 shows in a span of six years. In 2012, Lynam vocalist/guitarist Jacob Bunton joined the band formed by ex-Guns ‘N’ Roses drummer Steven Adler, called…Adler. He took on the role of front man. They released an album entitled Back From the Dead.

Adler was put on hiatus when Steven went back into rehab. And that pretty much brings us to the subject of this blog.

Jacob is in yet another band: Neon Coven. He’s not the front man this time, which is odd for me. Lol. However, I really like this band.

Much as with his other endeavors, the influence of 80’s music on Jacob is evident. Neon Coven is reminiscent of the electronica/new wave artists of his favored decade. (They have actually covered a Depeche Mode song.)

Perhaps my favorite thing about Neon Coven, though, is their lyrics. They have a dark edge that appeals to me — and is rather different from both Lynam and Adler.

Anyway, give Neon Coven a listen! I’m including my two favorite tracks, “Bleeding Love” and “Queen of Scars.”