New Music (4/15 — 4/21)

Glassing: “Sleeper”

American Jetset: “This Ain’t Hollywood”

Hollywood Vampires: “Who’s Laughing Now?”

Hollow Haze: “Oblivion”

Paul Gilbert: “Things Can Walk To You”

Michael Schenker Fest: “The Girl With The Stars In Her Eyes”

Black Stone Cherry: “My Last Breath”

NoSelf: “Signal Flares”

Motionless In White: “Disguise”

Motionless In White: “Brand New Numb”

3Teeth: “American Landfill”

Joyous Wolf: “Feel the Low”

Diamante: “Lo Siento”

Whitechapel: “Forgiveness Is Weakness”

Cellar Darling: “Freeze”

Masvidal: “The Spaces”

Tech N9ne: “Like I Ain’t”

Conquest: “The World Has Gone to Hell”

Worldwide Panic: “Never Go Back”

Tanner Keegan: “Gotta Have It”

Fear of Water: “Permanently”

New Music (3/18 — 3/24)

I Prevail: “Paranoid”

OF LIMBO: “Nicotine”

Jorn: “Hammered to the Cross”

Destrage: “The Chosen One”

Inglorious: “Glory Days”

Frank Iero and The Future Violents: “Young and Doomed”

Amon Amarth: “Raven’s Flight”

Nocturnus AD: “Precession of the Equinoxes”

Bare Knuckle Messiahs: “Blood Brothers”

Scott Stapp: “Purpose For Pain”

Drop The Act: “Hell Girl”

Wikkid Starr: “Karma”

Avi Kaplan: “Change on the Rise”

Jennifer Nettles: “I Can Do Hard Things”

P!nk: “Walk Me Home”

Whitechapel: “Hickory Creek”

Alan Parsons: “I Can’t Get There From Here”

Spotlights: “The Particle Noise”

Temple of One: “The Cards”

The Damned Things: “Something Good”

Bury Your Dead: “Collateral”

Jinjer: “Teacher, Teacher!”

The End Machine: “Leap of Faith”

Death Angel: “Humanicide”

blacklite district: “never came around”

Exiled From Grace: “Deathwish”

New Music (2/18 — 2/24)

Hot Pink Satan: “Breathe”

As Within, So Without: “Departure”

Red Dragon Cartel: “Speedbag”

Shallow Side: “Sound the Alarm”

Mark Morton ft. Myles Kennedy: “Save Defiance”

Buckcherry: “Bent”

Forth: “On Top of the World”

Whitechapel: “When a Demon Defiles a Witch”

Sleepkillers: “So Low”

Inter Arma: “Stillness”

Tora Tora: “Son of a Prodigal Son”

Radkey: “P.A.W.”

Vale of Pnath: “Accursed”

Devin Townsend: “Genesis”

Mike Shinoda: “Prove You Wrong”

Another Day Dawns: “Psycho”

Overkill: “Welcome to the Garden State”

Organosyde: “Organosydic Holocaust”

Backyard Babies: “44 Undead”

Mötley Crüe ft. Machine Gun Kelly: “The Dirt (Est. 1981)”

The Damned Things: “Cells”

Enforcer: “Die For The Devil”

Dayshell: “Pressure”

The Picturebooks: “The Hands of Time”

New Music (1/14 — 1/20)

The Raven Age: “Fleur de lis”

Spirits of Fire: “Stand and Fight”

Whitechapel: “Third Depth”

Drag Me Out: “I’m Sorry”

Last in Line: “Year of the Gun”

Amoura: “Back Then”

Blacktop Mojo: “Prodigal”

The Maine: “Numb Without You”

Black Therapy: “Dreaming”

Ill Niño: “Sangre”

Inglorious: “I Don’t Know You”

Tora Tora: “Silence the Sirens”

Jorn: “Make Your Engine Scream”

Bloodywood: “Endurant”

Dead Lover: “Heart Attack”

Dawn of Ashes: “The Serpents of Eden”

FIRA: “beLIEve”

New Music (12/10 — 12/16)

Aelonia: “Counting Stars”

Papa Roach: “Elevate”

Overkill: “Last Man Standing”

Demon Hunter: “Peace”

Demon Hunter: “On My Side”

In Flames: “I Am Above”

In Flames: “(This is Our) House”

Arion: “Through Your Falling Tears”

Enterprise Earth: “He Exists”

Whitechapel: “Black Bear”

Avantasia: “The Raven Child”

Legion of the Damned: “Slaves of the Southern Cross”

Rosy Vista: “Crazy”

Crossfaith: “Soul Seeker”

Cane Hill: “Acid Rain”

Darkcell: “All My Heroes Are Dead”

New Music (10/29 — 11/4)

Powerman 5000: “Footsteps and Voices”

Slipknot: “All Out Life”

Mechanical Vampires: “Burn”

Throne Of Eden: “Someone Dies Tonight”

Household: “Superiority Complex”

Architects: “Modern Misery”

Charlatan: “Remarkable”

Whitechapel: “Brimstone”

Ignite The Fire: “Lazarus”

The Japanese House: “Lilo”

Black Water Rising: “World of Frustration”

Sevendust: “Unforgiven”

Saint Slumber: “Fever”

Like A Storm: “Pure Evil”

Jason Charles Miller: “Hundred Pound Hammer”

Sodom: “One Step Over The Line”

You’re F!red: “Forgetmenow”

Night Demon: “Black Widow”

Recker: “King”